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Key decisions which can shape the 2019 Steelers, Part 1: Chris Boswell

The Pittsburgh Steelers have some big decisions coming up which can shape the 2019 team.

NFL: New England Patriots at Pittsburgh Steelers Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

The Pittsburgh Steelers have been in the news for all the wrong reasons lately, and most recently the Antonio Brown saga has been the headline for any website covering the NFL. While fans of the black-and-gold are engulfed in Brown news and rumors, there are still some extremely important aspects of the team which should be discussed.

Kevin Colbert, Mike Tomlin and company have some tough decisions to make this offseason, and not just decisions on the fringe players trimming the roster from 90 to 53, but decisions which could really change the landscape of the team in the near future.

This will be a series breaking down each decision at a time, and what better place to start than the player who many feel cost the Steelers multiple games this year: Chris Boswell

Player: Chris Boswell

Issue: Inconsistent Performance

Reason to Stay: While Boswell’s performance in 2018 was anything but memorable, fans can’t forget about his 2017 season which saw him in the Pro Bowl, and the reason for many Steelers wins.

The question becomes, can Boswell find some consistency?

The Steelers are going to stick with Boswell, but not without competition. I often wonder if Boswell didn’t have such a hefty contract would the Steelers even be giving him another chance? Yes, he was that bad in 2018.

Regardless of the reason, if Boswell can right the ship and regain his form from 2017, the Steelers will not need to make any sweeping changes to their roster, but will be able to simply move on as if 2018 was nothing more than a speed bump on Boswell’s career trajectory.

Reason to Leave: Did I mention how bad Boswell was in 2018? Just look at these numbers from last season:

He was 13/20 on field goal attempts, and 43/48 in extra point attempts.

Plain and simple, those 21 points on field goals, and 5 points via extra points very well could have decided outcomes of games. It should be noted Boswell’s season was cut short due to a reported groin strain, so the severity of this injury likely could be a reason for such a horrid season last year.

Predicted Outcome: In my opinion, the Steelers did what they had to do in 2018. They gave him more than enough opportunities to get things straightened out, maybe more opportunities than most would have liked, before shutting Boswell down with an injury.

By doing this the team was able to stash Boswell on the Injured Reserve list, and not have to cut him and eat the dead money associated with the contract he was rewarded prior to the start of the 2018 regular season.

With that said, Boswell will report to camp, and I’m guessing will look like a different kicker. Maybe he let the success of 2017 prevent him from working as hard as he did in years prior? No one knows that but Boswell, but what everyone knows is Boswell’s job is one the line come training camp. If he continues to show the ‘yips’, he will be unemployed rather quickly.

My guess is he figures it out and keeps his job moving forward.


What do you think will happen with Boswell? Will he return to his 2017 form? Or are the Steelers just hoping and praying what they saw last year wasn’t the new norm for the ‘Wizard of Boz’? Let us know in the comment section!