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Patriots vs. Rams: Knee Jerk Reactions from Super Bowl LIII

One BTSC writer shares his real-time, initial thoughts of the Super Bowl.

Super Bowl LIII - New England Patriots v Los Angeles Rams Photo by Harry How/Getty Images

The New England Patriots are looking to tie the Steelers with six Lombardi trophies and Steeler Nation will be watching intently. With their hatred for the Pats, Sixburgh pride and local-favorite Aaron Donald...It’s L.A. all the way. But can the Rams stop Super Bowl legends? We’ll see.

Nonetheless, a simple reminder, a knee jerk reaction is an immediate and unthinking, emotional reaction. It’s basically shooting first and apologizing later. I can safely say that’s a true definition of your’s truly and a good lot of Steeler Nation. Here’s my real-time reactions during the Steeler-less Super Bowl.

First Quarter

  • Nice job on the National Anthem by Gladys Knight. I thought I knew music, but I wasn’t aware of her title as “The Empress of Soul”.
  • I think that’s probably a towel, but part of me thinks Aquib Talib is trying to make a bold, fashion statement and is wearing a scarf.
  • Not sure about the Rams decision to defer. It’s usually my choice, but Brady has been golden lately on initial drives.
  • Cordarrele Patterson is a guy I Considered starting on FanDuel. I see him being an absolute X-factor here today. I’m going to regret that decision.
  • Sony Michel could shred these guys.
  • Wow! Brady’s first pass is a pick. He’s never done that in the postseason.
  • Littleton is a free agent after the season. Just sayin’.
  • Thought Rams would capitalize.
  • Edelman is money. I hate saying that.
  • The Rams defense is dialed-in.
  • That’s a helmet-to-helmet I’ve never seen before.
  • Nobody takes advantage of new life like New England.
  • Gronk could be huge in his last game tonight.
  • Doritos, that was terrible use of the Backstreet Boys. C’mon.
  • Gostkowski never misses.
  • I think Romo and I both jinxed him.
  • Bud Light’s corn syrup commercial was kind of clever.
  • Rams are finding their feet on this drive.
  • Gurley is anonymous in this game so far.
  • Great hit by Chung.
  • The Rams are harassing Tom Brady like crazy. If they’ve got a chance, it is here.
  • Scoreless first. Would’ve never guessed that.

Second Quarter

  • Wise got lucky on that false start. Would’ve been called for that clothesline.
  • Jared Goff might not be ready for this moment.
  • The Rams are cracking people. But they are going to start getting roughing calls against them.
  • Finally...a score. But if you took the over, you’re freaking out right about now.
  • That was a nice catch. Can the Rams capitalize?
  • Do you think Le’Veon Bell is watching Gurley’s disappearing act and smiling?
  • The Rams aren’t going to score this half.
  • The L.A. defense is keeping them in this game. Offense needs to contribute.
  • The Pats will get in before Adam Levine takes the stage,
  • Robo Child is free freaking me the hell out. It will haunt my dreams.
  • That too-many penalty could really hurt the Rams.
  • Wow! The Pats turned it over on downs. That may come back to haunt them.
  • Maybe not.
  • My nine-year old just called Brady stupid.
  • Wierd half.


  • JuJu, Bradshaw, Mean Joe, Franco. This is awesome.
  • My wife and her friends are hoping for a wardrobe malfunction.
  • Adam Levine is a great showman.
  • Too many bleeps from Travis Scott. Makes it hard to listen too.
  • Now I remember who Big Boi is. Needed an a Outkast reunion.
  • Critics will bash it. But I enjoyed it.

Third Quarter

  • That first half was the second-lowest scoring half in history. Super Bowl IX and L.C. Greenwood’s safety marks the lowest at 2-0.
  • It would behoove the Rams to score here.
  • Wow. I thought that was a quick pick by Hightower.
  • Gurley is awake.
  • The Pats can’t lose Chung.
  • Goff is horrendous, especially on third down. Name less effective SB QBs.
  • The Rams Defense may have to scoreboards save this team.
  • Pats were offsides. Not called. Edelman rolls.
  • Edelman is going to break the catch record of 14 by James White. He’s your MVP if he scores.
  • The Rams have a chance. But it’s not good this deep in their own territory.
  • Nothing.
  • The Pats will get great field position.
  • Not when Johnny Hekker punts for a record 65 yards.
  • Marcus Peters is playing shutdown,
  • Two Ram first-downs. What is happening?
  • Lucky that incompletion to Anderson’s back wasn’t behind the line. Coul’ve been a turnover.
  • Goff showed moxie with that huge pass to Woods.
  • Burning time-outs early is not advised. But they had to.
  • Great defense by one of the McCourtys.
  • Can’t get sacked here. Got to at least get three.
  • And they did.
  • Didn't think Greg ““the leg” would make that one.
  • Sony Michel was bound to break out.

Fourth Quarter

  • A defense might to have to score to break this stalemate.
  • Goff is so shaky. This moment is way too big.
  • Boy, Anderson and the Rams are really lucky.
  • Super Bowl VII is the lowest scoring of all the big games. Miami beat Washington 14-7. That record is going down most likely.
  • That hold on the Patriots could be huge.
  • The one on the Rams is big too.
  • Would have liked a late hit there. But it wasn’t.
  • A run on third-and-22. Is this the Steelers?
  • This is where Brady turns it on.
  • Great catch by Gronk.
  • Finally a TD.
  • Cooks has to catch that ball in the end zone.
  • Knew that pick was coming. Game pretty much over.
  • I disagree with Romo and the Rams. Wouldn’t the penalties knock them further back and more out of FG range? I’m sure I’m wrong, but that argument has a little merit.
  • Nantz supported my claim. But Romo is right, because of time.
  • Thats short. Pats should kick. Too much of a risk.
  • Of course. 13-3. It’s over.
  • Romo is right. Never going to work.
  • Especially with Zeurlein missing it.
  • I hate the Patriots. But dammit, they know how to win.
  • Edelman deserves the MVP. But Brady will get it.
  • I love football. But I can’t watch this celebration.