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10 Things I Think I Thought while watching the Patriots win the Super Bowl

The New England Patriots won their sixth Super Bowl? Yeah, there were some thoughts flowing during Super Bowl 53.

NFL: Super Bowl LIII-New England Patriots Championship Parade Stew Milne-USA TODAY Sports

My brain’s still working, though clearly not at peak performance. Here are ten things I think I thought watching the big game this past Sunday.

  1. Why am I watching this again? Oh yeah, to cheer the Patsies to defeat. Though it would have been a taste of heaven, that, of course, is not what happened. But I came away thinking even if it had I still would have felt like I’d wasted four hours. I’m going back to not watching any more Steeler-less Super Bowls.
  2. Could this game be any more boring? No.
  3. Every time I saw Donta Hightower make a play I wondered about the FO’s decision to pass on him. I’m not saying they did wrong in not signing him, just wondered if it might have made a difference. And wondering if the uncertainty on Bell influenced that decision. I agree with all those who affirm Bell wasn’t evil for not signing, but really did wrong in not being honest with the team.
  4. I obviously don’t know, but wouldn’t be surprised if he changed his mind knowing he would fail a drug test.
  5. I paid even less attention to the commercials and half time show than I did the game. Such would have no impact on the actual game. That said, they might have turned out to be less boring.
  6. Thirty more weeks until we start the process of trying again. That’s a lot of weeks. Especially if they will be thirty more weeks talking about Antonio Brown.
  7. We made it through the season without missing Landry Jones. I’m glad we have both Rudolph and Dobbs on the roster. I will never get over having Ben on the bench in Oakland. I want reps, reps and more reps for both of them. I’m old enough to remember when quarterbacks were brought up slowly. It works better. But it only works if they are actually working on it. Please let one of these two be our Aaron Rogers.
  8. Art Rooney Sr. was an incredibly lovable man, a genuine hero to the city. He wasn’t, however, good at producing winning teams. The glory years had more of Dan’s fingerprints than Art’s. Should we be fearful Art II has more in common with his namesake?
  9. Apparently Sam Darnold, quarterback for the New York Jets and Aaron Donald, defensive tackle for the LA Rams are not the same person. Who knew? To quote Seattle’s favorite talk show shrink- “egg all over my face.”
  10. I love my beautiful wife, even more than I love the Steelers. I’ll make it through the next thirty weeks.