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Antonio Brown will have a lot to prove as a member of the Oakland Raiders

Is Antonio Brown a changed man? Can he recreate the magic with Derek Carr? We will see...

NFL: Oakland Raiders at Pittsburgh Steelers Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

That. Just. Happened.

As most fans of both the Oakland Raiders and Pittsburgh Steelers wake up on Sunday, they are reading all about the agreement between the two organizations to send Antonio Brown to the west coast for the foreseeable future. The reactions on both side of the table are justifiable, for obvious reasons, but to me this move is all about Antonio Brown, not the compensation the Steelers’ received, or anything else of that nature.

Upon his dismissal, and most likely long before he walked out on his team, Brown had been a disgruntled employee just waiting to go off. He did just that prior to the Week 17 game against the Cincinnati Bengals, and proceeded to completely disparage his coach, owner, general manager, quarterback and the entire organization as he left.

Not only did Brown want out of Pittsburgh, he wanted more money — guaranteed money. This on top of his already huge contract which would have given him over $20 million in 2019 had he stayed in Pittsburgh.

Between every Instagram Live video, every Q&A Twitter session and even his interviews/media spots in between, Brown did whatever he did to hurt his trade value. Why? Because he didn’t just want out, it seemed as if he wanted to hurt the organization which payed him handsomely when no one even knew his name.

Nonetheless, Brown now has his wish. He is gone from Pittsburgh.

Away from Mike Tomlin, the man who drafted and gave him so many perks throughout his time in Pittsburgh.

Away from Art Rooney II, the man who continually obliged when Brown wanted more money in the waning years of his previous contract.

Away from Kevin Colbert, who drafted him.

And away from Ben Roethlisberger, who essentially made him.

The question now is simple — what will Brown do?

While no one knows for sure what Brown will do in Oakland as a player and person, I can make a few educated guesses on what might take place.

At his introductory press conference he will flash his million dollar smile, be very soft spoken, and do and say all the right things. He will gush over Jon Gruden, Derek Carr and the entire Raiders organization. Heck, I wouldn’t be shocked if he claimed he was always a Raiders fan growing up.

In other words, he will do, and say, all the right things as he walks into another facility.

Training camp will come, and Brown’s work ethic will be on full display. He will stay after practice and catch hundreds, if not thousands, of passes on the JUGS machine. The media and fan base will talk about his unrelenting work ethic and drive.

Then the games will start.

At first, if Carr doesn’t have time to throw, or if Carr looks elsewhere, Brown will keep to himself. He won’t immediately start throwing Gatorade jugs on the sidelines. No, he will simply mind his business. However, if Carr doesn’t start to feed him the ball as much as he feels is appropriate, frustration will start to gather.

For Raiders fans who might be reading this thinking Brown is a ticking time bomb, think again. It took Brown 9 years with the Steelers to reach his tipping point. Whether his tipping point was even logical is another story, but it was a slow escalation from the start. Brown will always expect more...of everything.

Antonio Brown will have a lot to prove while in a new venue. As someone who has never caught a touchdown pass from anyone not named Ben Roethlisberger, his ability to gel with Derek Carr will be on display from Day 1. Most believe the rapport Roethlisberger and Brown took years to develop, but the Carr/Brown connection won’t have nearly as much time to do so. With Brown turning 31 this year, time is certainly not on his side regarding his NFL future.

While the on field portion of this is intriguing enough, what Brown does off the field might be equally as intriguing. He leaves behind a perennial playoff contender for one of the worst teams in the NFL. Sure, the Raiders have quite the selection of draft picks in the upcoming 2019 NFL Draft, but gutted their roster throughout the 2019 season in preparation for the move to Las Vegas next year.

If the Raiders stumble, and are still really bad, how will Brown handle it? Will he just smile and collect a paycheck? Or will he start to demand another trade two years down the road, wanting to play for a team who can win him a championship?

Needless to say, all eyes will be on Antonio Brown this year for a multitude of reasons. He will have a lot to prove both on and off the field.