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2019 NFL Draft: Steelers updated picks after trades of Antonio Brown and Marcus Gilbert

The Steelers will now have 10 picks in the 2019 NFL Draft following the trades of Antonio Brown and Marcus Gilbert.

With the trade of Antonio Brown to the Oakland Raiders now agreed to in principle, the Pittsburgh Steelers will have a total of 10 picks in the 2019 NFL Draft, the most selections they have held in any draft since 2010.

Unusually for the Steelers, only half of their picks this year were originally allocated to them by the league, with five of their upcoming selections arriving via trade.

When the trade for AB becomes official, Pittsburgh will receive the Raiders third-round pick (66th overall) and fifth-round pick (141st overall) to add to Oakland’s sixth-round pick they already own following their trade for Ryan Switzer last season. A deal that also cost them their original fifth-round draft choice this year.

A trade of Marcus Gilbert to the Arizona Cardinals on Friday will give the Steelers an extra sixth-round selection when the NFL officially confirms the agreement. A pick that is expected to be the last of the three picks they own in Round 6 (207th overall).

Pittsburgh sent their seventh-round selection to the Cleveland Browns as part of the trade for Sammie Coates that saw them receive a sixth-round draft pick in 2018. Their seventh-round selection in 2019 comes from the Tampa Bay Buccaneers as part of the trade for J.J. Wilcox in 2017.

With five picks in the final three rounds and two picks in Round 3, the Steelers should have more than enough draft capital to contemplate moving up in the draft on Day 2. They should also be able to move up in Round 1 if they are prepared to give away one of their mid-round draft picks.

The Tennessee Titans moved up three spots in the first-round last year by trading their first and fourth-round draft picks to the Baltimore Ravens in exchange for their first and sixth-round draft picks in order to select linebacker Rashaan Evans. The sort of move Pittsburgh might want to make this year if the right player is within reach.