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New contract details for Maurkice Pouncey show no change to his salary cap charge in 2019

The Steelers may not have used up any cap space when they extended the contract of Maurkice Pouncey, but they didn't save any either,

Pittsburgh Steelers v Tampa Bay Buccaneers Photo by J. Meric/Getty Images

The financial details of the new two-year contract extension Maurkice Pouncey signed with the Pittsburgh Steelers last week finally hit the books on Monday, and it would appear that it will not alter his cap charge in 2019 despite cash payment of $13 million this year.

As noted by salary cap expert Ian Whetstone and confirmed by OverTheCap, Pouncey has agreed to a deal worth a total of $22 million in new money that includes a $9 million signing bonus and effective guarantees totalling $15 million.

Originally set account for $7.951 million against the cap in 2019 due to a base salary of $7 million and a prorated signing bonus of $951,000, Pouncey will have the same charge this season thanks to a base salary of $1 million, a roster bonus worth $3 million and a prorated signing bonus of $3.951 million that includes the outstanding signing bonus amount from his previous deal.

A base salary of $5 million and a roster bonus of $3 million will bring his salary cap charge to $11 million in 2020 when the $3 million prorated signing bonus is taken into account. The same charge he will have in 2021 thanks to an $8 million base salary and the $3 million prorated signing bonus.

Given the terms of this contract, it is highly unlikely that Pouncey will be released before the final year of his deal, and at just 29-years-old, there is a very good chance that he could be in line for another extension before his career is over. Assuming he does not hold true to his word of retiring when Ben Roethlisberger does.