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Browns acquire WR Odell Beckham Jr. from Giants via trade

The Cleveland Browns made the move of the offseason so far on Tuesday night when they traded two draft picks and safety Jabrill Peppers to the Giants for their star wide receiver.

Pittsburgh Steelers v New York Giants Photo by Rich Schultz/Getty Images

For Pittsburgh Steelers fans who felt short changed by the return the team got in the trade of Antonio Brown to the Oakland Raiders over the weekend, the news of a trade involving Odell Beckham Jr. on Tuesday is sickening.

In arguably the move of the offseason so far, the Cleveland Browns acquired the New York Giants star receiver after agreeing to give up their first and a third-round draft picks in 2019 and safety Jabrill Peppers. The news coming first from Mike Garafolo of the NFL Network.

Peppers was a first-round selection by the Browns just two years ago, and it would be fair to say that the haul the Giants have received for Beckham far exceeds what the Steelers got for AB by comparison. But with less baggage and no demands for a new contract as Brown carried with him, it is hardly surprising to note that team’s were willing to pay a much higher price for the 26-year-old wide receiver. New York are now left with $16 million in dead money as per as a result of this move.

In light of the losses both the Baltimore Ravens and Steelers have suffered in terms of key personnel already this offseason, Cleveland will quickly become the overwhelming favorites with the pundits to win the division in 2019. And while that suggestion would normally be laughable, it is hard to deny a sense of impending fear about the level of talent the Browns are beginning to assemble in Cleveland. I miss Hue Jackson already.