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Antonio Brown opens up about his issues with Steelers during lengthy ESPN interview

Antonio Brown has shared his side of the story with the Steelers in two separate interviews aired in the last 24 hours.

Wild Card Round - Miami Dolphins v Pittsburgh Steelers Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

Antonio Brown finally sat down to tell his side of the story in two interviews that were aired on Friday night and Saturday morning, with both conversations telling a relatively similar tale about his issues with the Pittsburgh Steelers.

As part of a round table of guests on HBO’s The Shop, Brown’s comments were kept relatively short in the midst of a number of conversations, but his one-on-one sit down interview with Jeff Darlington would last almost 45 minutes.

Perhaps the most notable remarks from his first interview with HBO were some words about Ben Roethlisberger. Listeners should be warned that some of Brown’s language is rather colorful and NSFW.

The topic of what happened in Week 17 would also be revisited when AB spoke with Jeff Darlington.

And he would expand on his issues with Ben Roethlisberger.

As well as noting his dissatisfaction with team owner Art Rooney II.

While it would be fair characterize Brown’s extended interview with ESPN as somewhat confused and contradictory, the receiver arguably makes some valid points about Roethlisberger’s lack of connection to his teammates and his complaints about Kevin Colbert’s poor choice of words when describing the rest of the roster as “52 kids”.

As Darlington points out on a couple of occasions, Brown’s issues with the Steelers seem to be rather minor and ones that could be easily fixed, and those hoping for some big revelation are likely to be disappointed when they see the full interview posted below.

For teams interested in trading for him, there is little that Brown says in either interview that will have done any more damage to his reputation than the news that has already been put out there weeks ago. If anything, the troubled wide receiver’s relative reluctance to trash the entire organization may be encouraging to prospective suitors, even if certain comments he made during the pieve may have been better left unsaid.