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Former Steelers backup QB Landry Jones lands with Raiders

The Oakland Raiders are becoming something of a haven for former Steelers as of late after they signed former Pittsburgh quarterback Landry Jones on Tuesday.

Cleveland Browns v Pittsburgh Steelers Photo by Justin K. Aller/Getty Images

When the Pittsburgh Steelers released veteran backup quarterback Landry Jones before the start of the 2018 season, the move was met by consternation by many within the local media. But as Jones failed to impress at tryout after tryout, it became clear Pittsburgh had made the right decision after all.

Ultimately, the Jacksonville Jaguars were the only team willing to sign him, coincidentally right around the time they were due to face the Steelers. Released by the Jaguars the day after they lost to Pittsburgh, a two week stay with Jacksonville was the only time he spent on an NFL roster during the regular season last year.

Now it appears he might yet get another shot in the league after signing with the Oakland Raiders on Tuesday.

Reuniting with Antonio Brown on the West Coast, the Raiders are quickly becoming a haven for the Steelers’ cast-offs, following the same path laid down by trouble wide receiver Martavis Bryant last year. Although luckily for Oakland, they did not have to give up any draft picks to get Jones.

But while the former Oklahoma product will compete with Mike Glennon and Nate Peterman for the right to backup presumed starter Derek Carr, it would appear that the Raiders also seem to believe that he will be able to help with their new star receiver as well.

Generously describing Jones as a quarterback who has won games in the NFL, Raiders coach Jon Gruden is perhaps rather optimistic about the value Jones can bring to the team.

“Landry Jones is a guy that has started and won games in the league, he can help us with Antonio’s transition as well. What did they call this in Pittsburgh? why did he convert his route and do that? So there’s some really interesting side hidden things than Landry can bring to the table.”

Some might suggest that in light of Jones’ apparent struggles working out what he was meant to be doing during his time in Pittsburgh, it could be asking a bit too much to expect him to be able to explain what AB is also doing on a particular play. And considering the lack of chemistry the two showed in the rare moments they did share the field for the Steelers, Gruden might not want to put too much stock in his answers.