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Steelers burning topics to discuss that don’t involve Antonio Brown or Le’Veon Bell

You want Steelers topics that don’t involve former receiver Antonio Brown and former running back Le’Veon Bell? I aim to please.

Pittsburgh Steelers v Detroit Lions Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

It’s been a contentious and combative time for the Steelers, and the drama just never seems to end.

Most of the drama has revolved around two former Steelers--receiver Antonio Brown and running back Le’Veon Bell.

After nine years performing at a higher level than any receiver in team history—not to mention six years performing at a higher level than any receiver in NFL history—Brown is no longer a Steeler after being shipped off to the Raiders in exchange for a third-round pick and a fifth-round pick. As for Bell, who amassed 5,336 rushing yards and 2,660 receiving yards between 2013-2017, he has left for a new contract with the Jets.

Both Brown and Bell were all-time Steelers greats, two of the most prolific offensive weapons in all of football. And the way they left the organization, well, it wouldn’t have been any uglier had they pulled a T.J. Houshmandzadeh and wiped their cleats with the Terrible Towel on the way out the door.

Their absence could severely cripple the Steelers Super Bowl, nay, playoff chances in 2019. The odds of Pittsburgh being better after these losses are slim, really, really slim.

So, why are we talking about it on Behind the Steel Curtain? Why are they talking about it on all the other Steelers media outlets?

I can’t speak for the other writers at BTSC, and I certainly can’t speak for those other Steelers media outlets. But when it comes to yours truly, I hear you loud and clear! No more AB! No more Bell! They’re yesterday’s news (quite literally, I mean).

Let’s focus on the Pittsburgh Steelers and topics related to them.


With that in mind, I’d like to preview a bunch of Steeler-related topics I will explore between now and the start of training camp, subjects that are bound to have your mouth watering for the 2019 campaign to get here and get here fast!

Below, I will introduce some topics via article titles I’ve conjured up (though, keep in mind, these are just working titles at the moment) followed by a quick synopsis of what I hope to cover in these articles.

Won’t you join me?

This week in the Steelers’ depth chart: Trey Edmunds: Who the hell is he?

Perhaps more than perennial All-Pros, people like to read about the unknowns, players who probably won’t make the team. If he’s still around by the time I get to it, I will find out who Trey Edmunds is.

Who are B.J. Finney’s favorite Game of Thrones characters?

B.J. Finney probably likes the show Game of Thrones, and I’ll bet he has some favorite characters. If he does, I will find out who they are.

Norm Johnson, Kris Brown or Todd Peterson: Who was the best Steelers’ kicker between 1995-2002?

Kicks get chicks.

A day in the life of Mike Tomczak

The interest in this is self-explanatory.

Joey Porter’s secret to sexy pre-game trash-talking abs

Peezy not only liked to talk trash before games, he exposed his abs to his opponents for greater effect. We all want sexy abs. I can see my article going viral and being discussed on some daytime talk show just in time for bikini season. I’m really excited to explore this.

The time I went to that Steelers game in 1984, and something happened that my dad and I still cherish to this day

Readers love this kind of stuff, and any article written along these lines always tops that day’s Steelers’ news cycle.

Former Steelers quarterback Tommy Maddox or Mike Connors from the old detective show, Mannix: Who wore it better?


In the kitchen with Ramon Foster

Foster, nicknamed The Big Ragu, loves to bake lasagna. People love lasagna. They also love articles about offensive linemen. What would be better than to combine the two topics in one piece?

Who’s more passive-aggressive: Ben Roethlisberger during one of his interviews or your girlfriend/wife when texting you during an argument?

Ryan Seacrest, get ready to discuss this article on your daily radio show.

Did the show Breaking Bad ever jump the shark? Omar Khan caps off each of the show's five seasons

My first serial feature.

There you have it. You wanted articles not related to Antonio Brown and Le’Veon Bell. I’m here to please you, the reader.

Stay tuned for a fun and informative offseason full of relevant Steelers news.