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Report: Michigan LB Devin Bush will be Steelers selection in Round 1 if available

Tony Pauline of Draft Analyst reports that the Steelers are zeroing in on Devin Bush in the first-round, with Texas A&M linebacker Tyrel Dodson their backup option

NCAA Football: Air Force at Michigan Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

While the NFL Draft is still four weeks away, it would appear that the Pittsburgh Steelers might have already tipped their hand about the player that interests them the most.

As per Tony Pauline of Draft Analyst when speaking on the site’s podcast earlier in the week, Pittsburgh sent a significant number of staff members to watch Michigan linebacker Devin Bush workout at his pro day, apparently making no effort to hide their obvious interest in him.

“This should come as a surprise to no one, but a Michigan coach, right after pro day, told me it looked like the Pittsburgh Steelers had ten coaches and scouts on hand for the Michigan pro day and they were all crowding around Bush the entire workout. Now, while the number of Steelers personnel people on hand at the pro day was probably an exaggeration, his point was not lost on me, and that is all signs point to the Pittsburgh Steelers selecting Devin Bush in the first round, if he’s available to them.”

“Kevin Colbert, the general manager of the Pittsburgh Steelers, was on hand for the Texas A&M pro day, and I’m told the team likes both Aggie linebackers Tyrel Dodson and Otaro Alaka. So I can see, if the Steelers lose out on Devin Bush in Round 1, maybe targeting Tyrel Dodson during the second day of the draft.”

“Dodson is a fast pursuit linebacker who’s not just a straight line guy. In fact I think he’s probably better latterly sideline to sideline than Devin Bush, I know a lot of people are going to disagree, but I think he’s got better range. He’s not as explosive, he’s not as hard hitting, he’s not as stout against the run, but I think he’s a better pursuit linebacker. So again, if they can’t get Bush in Round 1, they look at Dodson in Round 2 and they may have somebody in either of those guys to replace Ryan Shazier down the road.”

The Steelers potential interest in Bush will hardly be news to anyone, but the extent of their infatuation was less obvious before his pro day. And while Colbert’s trip to College Station for the Texas A&M pro day was no secret, his attendance does support Pauline’s suggestion that Pittsburgh has significant interest in Tyrel Dodson as well.

Given the current hype surrounding Bush, it seems increasingly unlikely that he will still be available to them with the 20th selection, and if Pittsburgh really wants him, it might require trading away some draft capital from the later rounds to guarantee his selection.