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Derek Carr claims Raiders locker room would be ‘arms wide open to accepting Antonio’

If the Steelers end up trading Antonio Brown to the Oakland Raiders, quarterback Derek Carr believes his teammates would welcome the addition,

Kansas City Chiefs v Oakland Raiders Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

While Antonio Brown might not be feeling the love from the Pittsburgh Steelers locker room as of late, it would appear there is at least one team out there who would be willing to welcome him with open arms. With the Oakland Raiders among the favorites to land the Steelers’ star receiver via trade this offseason, it seems quarterback Derek Carr has already been thinking about what it would mean to the Raiders to have a player like AB.

Speaking at charitable event held at Valley Children’s Hospital in Madera County in California on Saturday, Carr was clearly enthusiastic about the possibility of his team trading for Brown. As reported by Anthony Galaviz of the Fresno Bee.

“I would imagine he’s definitely in play. I hope he’s in play. It would be great to add a guy like that to your team, talent like that. I don’t know what it’s going to cost. I don’t know, you know the contract stuff starts getting in the way and then they got to figure out numbers and all that kind of stuff. I don’t really like the business side of football, but I just like adding good players to our football team. So, if it works out on the business side, I know the locker room will be arms wide open to accepting Antonio.”

With three picks in the first round, the Raiders make an attractive trade partner for a Pittsburgh team intent on getting a Day 1 pick in return for the NFL’s best wide receiver. Given that Oakland are the same team who were willing to part with a third-round draft pick in 2018 to acquire Martavis Bryant, it is not too hard to imagine that they might be one of the few teams will to give up a lot more than that for Brown this year.

The Raiders have the 4th, 24th and 27th pick in Round 1 and also have 3rd pick of Round 2 (35th overall) and 2nd pick of Round 3 (66th overall). Regardless of the Steelers desire to ideally see Brown land outside the AFC, Oakland has far too much draft capital to ignore if they are interested in the receiver. The Raiders obvious needs at the position could hopefully be enough to push them to make a deal.