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During offseason workouts, Ben Roethlisberger says plenty while saying nothing

The Pittsburgh Steelers signal caller is all about those who are a part of the team heading into 2019.

NFL: Cincinnati Bengals at Pittsburgh Steelers Philip G. Pavely-USA TODAY Sports

Pittsburgh Steelers fans have been longing to hear from Ben Roethlisberger. The man whose name and reputation have been beaten to a pulp this offseason has yet to say a peep amidst the Antonio Brown and Le’Veon Bell sagas.

During Phase One of the Steelers’ offseason workout program, Roethlisberger was in attendance and did speak with Teresa Varley of While an employee of the organization isn’t going to ask those hard-hitting questions compared to an outside journalist, Roethlisberger said plenty while answering just a few questions.

Before getting to the quotes, don’t think for a second Roethlisberger doesn’t realize what is he saying, and how he is saying it. Like his head coach, Roethlisberger knows how to work the media, and to use his words correctly. In other words, not much which comes out of Roethlisberger’s mouth isn’t intentional.

Before getting ahead of ourselves, Roethlisberger made sure to let everyone know just how fun it is to get back with the guys and start preparing for 2019.

“It’s fun to be here first and foremost,” said Ben Roethlisberger. “It’s fun to be out there throwing with the guys. I haven’t thrown a football since the last game of the year, so to be able to get out and get some work with new guys, and guys who have been here, it’s fun first.”

For those who don’t know, these workouts are 100% voluntary for all players. No coaches are allowed during the workouts, it is mainly strength and conditioning work, no pads and footballs are limited throughout the workouts.

Roethlisberger was more than happy to see a large contingent of veterans in attendance, including but not limited to: Maurkice Pouncey, Cameron Heyward, JuJu Smith-Schuster, James Conner, Vince Williams, Alejandro Villanueva and Sean Davis.

“I expect nothing else,” Roethlisberger told Varley. “We want to show we are here, dedicated to this team, dedicated to having a great season. We are all about each other.”

Maybe it is just me, but message received loud and clear.

For those who are expecting Roethlisberger to give some long, extended comment on Brown’s comments, his ugly departure which resulted in a trade to the Raiders, or Bell’s departure to the Jets — don’t hold your breath. What you just read is what you are going to hear even when the mainstream media gets to pepper No. 7 with questions. The man called ‘Big Ben’ will shrug them off like he does to oncoming tacklers in the regular season.

“We are all about each other.”

Roethlisberger has learned a lot from Mike Tomlin, and how to avoid certain questions is certainly one of his assets in situations like this. Roethlisberger will talk about how they are focused on 2019, and only those who are in the locker room. With that said, don’t think Roethlisberger’s comments weren’t slanted towards the way things ended with the other ‘Killer B’s’.

Maybe this is just what we all need — to move on. Leave it to Roethlisberger to lead the way.