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Complete list of Steelers 2019 pre-draft visitors and their historical significance

We take a look at the full list of prospects the Steelers have hosted in Pittsburgh this offseason and the importance of pre-draft vists on draft-day selections.

With the arrival of Wisconsin edge rusher Andrew Van Ginkel at team facilities on Wednesday, the Pittsburgh Steelers have now officially used up their full allowance 30 out of town pre-draft visitors in 2019. For the first time in several years, every player the Steelers met with in Pittsburgh has been reported by the local media, with the credit going to Bob Labriola of for revealing most of the guests this offseason.

While no one position dominated the list of invites, running backs and cornerbacks feature more than most with seven and six prospects respectively, while defensive and offensive line barely got a look in with just one player from either side invited to the Steel City. The Steelers only met with three edge rushers, three safeties and three tight ends in Pittsburgh, showing slightly more interest in the wide receivers (4) and inside linebacker groups (5).

Quarterback and interior offensive lineman did not figure at all among the total of 33 players hosted by the Steelers, a group that included three local prospects who do not count against the team’s overall allowance.

While the Steelers met with few obvious first-round options this year, that has been something of the norm for them in recent seasons. Looking back over 11 years of names who have been invited to Pittsburgh for a pre-draft visit, there appears to be much greater significance to the visits for the prospects selected after round one.

Of the 90 players chosen by the Steelers since 2008, 38 of them were hosted in Pittsburgh ahead of the draft that year, with the majority of those selections coming in the fourth-round or later. Historically, the Steelers pick three players each season who had been welcomed to the city as pre-draft visitors, however, that trend has not quite held up in each of the last two years.

We would like to thank Valdosta State Football for providing the image of Stephen Denmark used in the graphic above and also Dave Winder of Murray State for the image of Quincy Williams. The photographs were used with their kind permission and they retain all rights to these images.