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Oklahoma WR Marquise Brown would have no issues being drafted by Steelers - ‘I love Pittsburgh’

The Steelers might be reluctant to draft the cousin of Antonio Brown this year, but the feeling is not necessarily mutual

Florida Atlantic v Oklahoma Photo by Brett Deering/Getty Images

With the departure of Antonio Brown this offseason, it seems reasonable to believe that the Pittsburgh Steelers could be in the market for another option at wide receiver via the draft. With a range of viable candidates expected to be available in every round, while Pittsburgh should be spoiled for choice at the position, there may be one highly ranked name on the list that the coaching staff is somewhat reluctant to pick.

Oklahoma wide receiver Marquise Brown has shown all the skills to suggest he has the potential to be an exceptional player at the professional level, but as the cousin to AB, his family connection could well be enough to make the Steelers consider passing on him. And given the way his cousin’s career ended in Pittsburgh, it would not be a surprise to learn that the Oklahoma product wanted nothing to do with the Steelers either.

However, when appearing as a guest on the Move the Sticks podcast with Daniel Jeremiah and Bucky Brooks of the NFL Network, Brown made it clear that neither he or AB would have a problem with being drafted by the Steelers.

“No, not at all. He wouldn’t have no issues either. I love Pittsburgh, you know, they got a Hall of Fame quarterback, you know, I love it out there”

Fans questioning the influence of AB on the younger receiver might also be interested to hear about the lessons he credits the his older cousin for teaching him.

“He taught me a lot, you know, from off-the-field to on-the-field ... My mentality out there, you know. When I’m training, you gotta train how you play, you know. And that's just what he taught me, it’s mentality, and when you out there, you know, you gotta think you the most dominant on the field.”

Although Brown is giving an appropriately diplomatic answer to the question from Jeremiah, it seems reasonable to believe that he would rather end up with another team. The media circus that would surround his signing in Pittsburgh is certainly one that both the player and the Steelers could do without. As talented as he is, Marquise Brown should be an obvious pass for Pittsburgh in 2019.