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T.J. Watt realizes the return to ‘Steelers Football’ starts with the approach

Preparing for a return to ‘Steelers Football’ starts with how the team approaches the upcoming 2019 schedule.

Cleveland Browns v Pittsburgh Steelers Photo by Justin K. Aller/Getty Images

When the 2019 NFL Regular Season Schedule was released, the Pittsburgh Steelers and their fan base were enamored with the dates and times of the games. The thought of getting the bad taste of the 2018 season left in their mouths is something which has to be appealing to everyone involved in the organization.

However, not repeating the same fate is something different altogether.

So, what needs to change? According to T.J. Watt it is all about approach. Not just approach to preparation and training, but approach to each game on the schedule.

“The most important thing, though is we have to get back to being ourselves and playing Steelers football and not caring who is on the schedule, who the other team is, and just playing our brand of football.” Watt told Teresa Varley of

Skipping the yearly lame duck game against a lesser opponent would certainly be something most fans would hop on board with, and it starts with exactly what Watt said regarding not concerning themselves with who is the next team on the schedule, but approaching every game with the same focus and determination.

Not that the prime time games aren’t nice...

“That is Pittsburgh Steelers football,” said T.J. Watt. “We live for it, for the big time games and big time moments.”

The team will have plenty of those, as they have the league maximum five prime time games on the 2019 NFL schedule, and could have more if flex scheduling takes one of their games from Week 11 on and moves it back to prime time.

But it isn’t just Watt who is noticing that a change in approach is necessary for the 2019 band of brothers.

“We have to be a team that no matter where we go and when we play, we are ready,” Cameron Heyward said. “Whether it’s night or day we have to be ready.”

Is this nothing but lip service, or are the Steelers actually determined to change their ways in 2019? Only time will tell...