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2019 NFL Draft: Tracking the Steelers pre-draft interest

A look at the draft prospects the Steelers have reportedly shown interest in this offseason

With the 2019 NFL Draft only a few days away, the Pittsburgh Steelers are past the point of meeting with any more prospects as they make their final plans for this year’s annual selection process.

Beginning with the all-star games back in January, ending with the pre-draft visitors invited to Pittsburgh, the Steelers have met with players all over the country. As these interactions have occured, we have done our best to track them on BTSC, culminating in a list of names that represents all the prospects the team’s has reportedly shown interest this year, as per the media.

Its should be noted that this is far from the complete list of players that Pittsburgh’s will have met with this year, but simply those that were highlighted by a recognized press outlet. The list contains both formal and informal interactions from all-star games, NFL Scouting Combine, college pro days, reported private workouts and invitations to team facilities.

Wide receiver and linebacker are the two positions with the most reported interest in 2019, closely followed by running back, cornerback and safety. And while past history tracking this information has often shown that the more heavily publicized positions are more likely to feature on draft day, that is certainly not guaranteed. The Steelers met with more inside linebackers than any other position in 2018 based on reports, and still did not draft one.

A player’s absence from this list should in no way be seen as a sign that Pittsburgh has no interest in the prospect, merely that it was not reported in the press. If you are aware of a meeting we have missed. please add it below are we will be sure to update our list.

There are too many local college reporters to thank for their individual contribution to this compilation, but the work of Tony Pauline of Draft Analyst deserves a special mention, as do the insights of Aaron Wilson of the Houston Chronicle.