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2019 NFL Draft: Tracking the Steelers pro day attendance

We take a look at all the pro days the Steelers have attended this offseason, paying special attention to those attended by Mike Tomlin and Kevin Colbert

In the Mike Tomlin and Kevin Colbert era, history has shown us that the college pro days they attend often has notable significance for the prospects selected on draft day. Dating back to 2010, all nine first-round draft picks chosen by the Pittsburgh Steelers saw at least one of these key decisions makers on hand to watch their workout in person.

Based on published reports from pro days around the country this offseason, it would appear that the pair have visited at least 10 different college campuses between them in 2019, a number that includes several high profile institutions.

While we have tracked the Steelers attendance at 84 college events, it is also very likely that there are several appearances that went unreported. With almost 200 schools opening their doors to the NFL this offseason, it is hard to imagine that Pittsburgh did not have a representative at most of them or at least someone from a scouting agency providing them reports.

Pro days have only been added to the list when a credentialed reporter at the pro day has noted the attendance of a member of the Steelers organization, when seen in a video from the event or when confirmed by a prospect taking part.

While there are too many local beat reporters from each college to thank individually for their contribution in providing this information, special mention must go to Tony Pauline of Draft Analyst for his excellent pro day coverage this year. If you know of an event a scout of coach attended that is not on this list, please let us know and we will be sure to add them.