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Steelers Fact or Fiction: 2019 NFL Draft Edition

BTSC takes five bold statements surrounding the Steelers and the 2019 Draft and labels them as Fact or Fiction.

Kentucky v Missouri Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images

There are many narratives surrounding the Steelers as they enter the 2019 NFL Draft. With so many questions to be answered, BTSC is going all Vinny Vega and recognizing bold statements and labeling them as Fact or (not Pulp) Fiction. Lets take a gander.

The Steelers will not climb “the Stairway to Devin”.


As much as we all want either Devin White or Devin Bush to fall to the Steelers at 20, it’s quite unlikely. As much as we all want the Steelers to trade up to get one of the stud ILBs, it may be too steep of a price. Hope for a run of QBs and a series of weird decisions that lead to a repeat of Rod Woodson and 1987.

Trading out of the first round is a strong possibility.


Even in such a deep draft, the Steelers would be foolish to trade down to acquire more picks. With ten already, they don’t reallyneed more. If they trade, I can see them moving up. But they still can get a franchise player at 20.

The Steelers may very well reach for a player that you’ve never heard of.


Not many of you knew Terrell Edmunds last year. Edmunds was rising, as was Artie Burns in 2016. With so many names floating around the big board, the Steelers don’t need to reach. They can pick up a future All Pro in such a deep draft. CB Lonnie Johnson Jr is ranked around 84 right now. He’s been mocked to Pittsburgh. I’d love to have him on the team...but only as a third rounder,

T.J. Hockenson is the only realistic offensive option for the Steelers in Round One.


With all of the defensive deficiencies, I think Hockenson is the only offensive player Steeler fans would accept in the first round. He’s been compared to Rob Gronkowski, without the bro-zarre lifestyle. Even if he was another Heath Miller, fans would be elated. However, not if they would take him over a Devin. RB, QB and OL are not pressing needs and if they are selected, it will be in later rounds. With the loss of Antonio Brown, a first-round WR could be tempting. But they’ve found great receivers on Day 2 and in a deep WR draft...they can again.

The Steelers pass on Greedy Williams.


I don’t understand the smoke surrounding a free fall for Greedy, an amazing name for a corner. The rub on Williams is that he allows separation and isn’t a great tackler. But he’s a great man-to-man defender and thats what the Steelers need. I’m not suggesting taking him over the Devins or Hockenson, but I think he’s a great pick. Some have suggested that he slips to the Steelers in Round 2. They definitely wouldn’t pass then.

Agree? Awesome. Disagree? Cool with that too. Lets discuss in the comment section and enjoy the draft.