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Social media reacts to the Steelers third-round draft picks

The reactions to the Steelers third-round draft picks was something of a mixed bag on Friday night.

NCAA Football: Ohio State at Michigan State Mike Carter-USA TODAY Sports

While it would be fair to say that most fans were relatively happy with the Pittsburgh Steelers selection of Devin Bush on Thursday night, it would appear that their third-round picks created something of a mixed reaction on Friday.

Much like with the pick of Bush the day before predicting by Vince Williams, the selection of Toledo wide receiver Diontae Johnson was one Ola Adeniyi saw coming.

A player the Steelers seemingly chose with only a few seconds gone off the clock:

And while some were happy with the pick:

Many within SteelerNation were not:

Most in the media seemed to approve of the pick, even if some felt it might have been a little early for the receiver to go:

But if some thought Johnson had gone sooner than expected, many appeared to feel that Pittsburgh got something of a steal with Justin Layne with their second pick in round three.

A pick that was received well by fans and media members alike:

With the most significant criticism of the Michigan State player coming from the fact that he grew up a Cleveland Browns fan, an issue that Layne is moving quickly to remedy: