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Antonio Brown’s latest attempt to save face makes him look even worse

Antonio Brown just can’t help himself...

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The saga between the Pittsburgh Steelers, JuJu Smith-Schuster and Antonio Brown isn’t over, nor will it be over anytime soon if the past reflects what is coming up in the future. However, the saga took a strange turn on Monday.

After Smith-Schuster not only put Brown in his place via Twitter over the weekend, Brown clearly wasn’t done. He wanted to get the last laugh, but what he did might have been the complete opposite of his intended goal. He wanted to damage Smith-Schuster any way possible. See what he posted below:

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........ #OnToTheNext

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By taking the Direct Message (DM) Smith-Schuster sent Brown in 2015 and posting it for the world to see, it spoke more about Brown as a person, than Smith-Schuster. If anything, it showed how humble Smith-Schuster was to reach out to a player he looked up to and ask for any type of advice or tips.

Meanwhile, Brown releasing the photo and message makes him look desperate, or even more than he already has.

After reading the message, NFL Network’s Aditi Kinhabwala took the words right out of my mouth when it came to the reaction to Brown’s latest antics.

I would love to be able to sit here and type this is the end of the sage with Antonio Brown, but doing so would be a lie. Brown loves the attention, and his obsession with the Steelers’ business might very well show how he is regretting everything but the money the Raiders gave him when he forced himself out of town.

Brown wants to lift himself up by tearing someone else down, but in reality he is making Smith-Schuster look like a vested veteran, and himself like an immature and insecure adult.

Stay tuned to BTSC because this saga is sadly far from over...