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Benny Snell Jr. and Diontae Johnson are ready for ‘Part II’ with the Pittsburgh Steelers

The NFL can work in weird ways, and these two Scouting Combine roommates are ready to make their mark with the Pittsburgh Steelers.

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The NFL can work in mysterious ways sometimes. Maybe it is bringing two college teammates together again at the professional level, or maybe two rivals who become tight as members of their newest team.

For two of the Pittsburgh Steelers 2019 NFL Draft class, they will get a chance to spend some more time together after rooming together at the 2019 NFL Scouting Combine.

Diontae Johnson and Benny Snell Jr. both have the same agent, and were roommates both before and during the combine. When you think of the number of players attending the combine, and two who were selected by the Steelers stayed together during the event, it truly is remarkable.

Either way, the two offensive players got to spend some time together, and Johnson made a mark on Snell.

“Diontae is amazing, he’s a cool guy, cool dude, got some hands, and I’m excited that we get Part II,” Snell told Teresa Varley of “When he got drafted and I got drafted, I am like, ‘Part II, better get ready.’”

With the Steelers rookies just wrapping up their Rookie Minicamp, all everyone wants to talk about is which, if any, of the 2019 draft class will be able to have an impact on the 2019 team? This pair of roommates very well could have an impact in a big way, Snell at running back and Johnson at receiver.

For Snell, the running back depth chart looks as if he could see his share of action behind James Conner and Jaylen Samuels, and Johnson’s versatility could see him not just as a return man, but also depth both in the slot and out wide in the Steelers’ offense.

But when you wonder what Snell’s ‘Part II’ might be, it is likely a continuation of the friendship which started in Indianapolis, and putting their names on the long list of offensive playmakers who have worn the black-and-gold.

Will this sequel be a hit, or a bust? Are Snell and Johnson the next round of quality draft picks/players to be selected in the Mike Tomlin/Kevin Colbert era? Or are we being too quick to jump on the bandwagon? Let us know what you think in the comment section below!