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Steelers looking to build new sign into seating at Heinz Field

If the Steelers win their latest battle with the city of Pittsburgh over a planned re-design of the seats, Heinz Field could have a huge new sign in the near future

Kansas City Chiefs v Pittsburgh Steelers Photo by Justin K. Aller/Getty Images

The Pittsburgh Steelers have not always had things their own way in the city they call home when it comes to their relationship with local lawmakers, and it would appear that their latest plan for Heinz Field has also been met with some objection.

As per KDKA-TV, the Steelers’ plans to replace some of the gold seating in the north end zone lower bowl section with strategically placed black seats spelling out the name of the stadium when seen from above have been rejected by city planners.

And while the change would appear relatively simple to do and be restricted to inside the confines of the stadium, it seems the Pittsburgh zoning office has an issue with the teams’s application. The main objection coming from the designation of the sign and the boards view that it is a roof top sign that has specific size and location requirements.

The Steelers have reportedly already filled an appeal to the board’s decision, maintaining that the change to the seats constitutes an interior sign and is therefore outside of the regulations that govern rooftop signage. But while logic might suggest that is already rather obvious, the zoning board clearly do not see it that way. Appeal arguments are set to be heard next week.