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Get a glimpse of Steelers’ rookies Diontae Johnson and Benny Snell in their new uniforms

The Pittsburgh Steelers rookies haven’t donned their new uniforms, except for the two who were invited to the NFLPA Rookie Premiere.

NCAA Football: Eastern Michigan at Toledo Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

Every year the same thing happens at websites like this one. A select number of players are drafted by the Pittsburgh Steelers, and the month or so until they report to OTAs/minicamp are spent sifting through numerous college photos to use for articles.

In other words, it is really cool to finally see these new players in the black-and-gold uniforms/colors for the first time.

The NFLPA hosts a select number of rookies every year for the Rookie Premiere. During this time these select rookies learn about the business side of the NFL, pose for photos for Panini Trading Cards and get to don their new team’s uniforms for the first time.

The Steelers’ representatives for the Rookie Premiere were none other than 3rd round pick Diontae Johnson, and 4th round selection Benny Snell Jr. Take a look below to get the first glimpse of this rookie duo in their new uniforms, and the photo below shows all the rookies were were invited, and attended, the Rookie Premiere in 2019.

At least for me, looking at these photos has be really excited for the upcoming football season! Here we go!