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Pittsburgh has felt like home to Devin Bush from the moment he arrived in the Steel City

The Steelers rookie linebacker spoke about his initial impressions of the city he will call home for the foreseeable in a interview on Thursday

NFL: NFL Draft Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

With the Pittsburgh Steelers travelling en masse to see Devin Bush workout during pro day ahead of the 2019 NFL Draft, his first visit to the Steel City was not until after he heard his named called as the team’s first-round selection. And like many outsiders who have never been to Pittsburgh before, the dramatic view that opens up as you emerge from the darkness of Fort Pitt Tunnel can have a profound impact on your initial impression of the city.

When speaking to Colin Dunlap and Chris Mack on The Fan Morning show on Thursday, it would appear that Bush was instantly drawn to the place he will call home for the foreseeable future when he made that familiar trip in from the airport. Asked when he knew he had been drafted by the right team, the former Michigan product revealed he was won over from the moment he arrived.

“I think I felt that when I got off the plane. There was just so much people just waiting on me and cheering me on. And then when I got in the limo and went through the tunnel, everything just opened up. I seen everything, I seen the building, the water, the bridges, the field, the baseball field, the fountain, it kind of just all hit at one time. The first thing that went through my mind was, like, ‘hey, I’m home.’”

The video of that journey highlighting how much that view impacted Bush at the 47 second mark below.

And while Bush has not yet had the opportunity to catch up with former Michigan teammate and Pittsburgh native Chase Winovich to find out more about his new home, it would seem that the rookie is already starting to gain a fairly accurate view of the Steel City and its residents.

“Being in the city, being there, you know I definitely feel how diehard and how much they put their lives on the line for the Steelers and it’s crazy. Honestly, it reminds me a lot about Michigan and how traditional they are and how hard they go about their football.”

However, given that we are still deep in the offseason, it would be fair to say that Bush has not seen anything yet when it comes the intensity of the locals on gameday. When the Baltimore Ravens and Cleveland Browns finally come to town, the rookie will get a chance to see what crazy really looks like.