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Ryan Shazier believes Steelers will win both AFC North and Super Bowl in 2019

The linebacker has high hopes for the Black and Gold this season

Carolina Panthers v Pittsburgh Steelers Photo by Justin K. Aller/Getty Images

While much has been written about Ryan Shazier’s hopes for the future after a number of interviews over the past week, the linebacker opened up about several other topics during an appearance on the Pat McAfee show in Pittsburgh last week.

Entering to the sounds of Renegade playing in the background, the linebacker also discussed his thoughts about the Pittsburgh Steelers chances in 2019. And despite the pessimism of national media, it would appear that Shazier is refusing to buy into all the negativity, predicting a very bright future for the Black and Gold in 2019.

“I think the Steelers are going to be great this year.”

“Honestly, you know, we’re all very confident, we all believe in each other. To me, I just like how we all have the same mindset. It’s just really a lot of team chemistry, a lot of team camaraderie. And then the thing that’s funny is that I placed a bet with my family.”

“I placed a bet with my family that we’ll win the division. A lot of my good friends like the hype with all the other teams, but me personally, I love what we got. I love the mindset that we have and I really feel that we’re going to win the championship, especially the division.”

As well as talking about his rehab and how his perspectives has altered since taking on more of a coaching/mentoring role with some of the younger players on the team, Shazier was also faced with a number of random questions about his thoughts away from football.

When not taking shots at the Miami Dolphins or Indianapolis Colts, Shazier was having fun at the expense of Michigan fans, much to the approval of local Pittsburgh audience. And once discussions turned to the player he had model his game on going up, the crowd would provide their own commentary when the host mentioned fellow Floridian Ray Lewis as a possibility.

In typical McAfee style, much of the show is not necessarily safe for youngers listeners, but those of a suitable age are encourage to follow the link to hear the full 30 minute segment that begins around the 35 minute mark.