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Steelers Podcast: Are the Steelers Winners or Losers after the offseason?

With Free Agency, the NFL Draft and minicamps all in the history books, we look back to see if the Steelers were Winners or Losers heading into 2019.

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The NFL offseason is long and arduous. A sport where there are only 16 regular season games puts a ridiculous emphasis on every week’s contest. At the same time, with only 16 guaranteed games, it means there is a lengthy offseason after the Super Bowl.

A lot takes place during the offseason: Free Agency, the NFL Draft, OTAs and minicamp, to name a few. Throughout this time players come and go, and decisions are made. At this point is where I ask a tough question...

Were the Pittsburgh Steelers winners or losers after this past offseason??

Plenty has to be deciphered here, and I lay it all out there for the listeners in the latest show...

Check out the show below, and be sure to comment what you think in the comment section below!

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