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James Conner loved the Pro Bowl so much he vows to return each year - ‘Every year I start, I’m going to the Pro Bowl’

The Steelers star running back had such a good time at the Pro Bowl he is focused on returning every year

NFL Pro Bowl Photo by Don Juan Moore/Getty Images

Pittsburgh Steelers running back James Conner recently sat down for a lengthy interview with hip-hop artist Mike Stud to discuss a variety of topics ranging from his battle with cancer to his experiences in the NFL.

Among some of the more interesting football revelations from the conversation that lasted just over an hour was the obvious excitement that Conner had clearly felt when he was voted to his first Pro Bowl in 2018. An experience that he is hoping to repeat for the foreseeable future, as he would tell Stud.

“Went to the Pro Bowl, that experience was crazy. I remember being with my boys back in the day, sitting on the couch, watching the Pro Bowl, watching the stars. Just like ‘the Pro Bowl is the best of the best.’ ... Just the fact that I’m there”

“But just seeing men like Hopkins, Von Miller, Mahomes, all of them. Just getting tight with them, getting to know them as dudes, rather than just saying ‘good game’ after the game. Getting to know them, drinking with them, doing all that mess, the experience was great. I’ve gotta go back every year now and I’m going to go back every year. Every year I start, I’m going to the Pro Bowl.”

Those who might question the chances of Conner making an endless succession of Pro Bowl appearances might want to watch the interview in full to get a better sense of the young running backs unwavering conviction and self-belief. Speaking with a maturity that belies his age, it is clear the 24-year-old is extremely focused on achieving his goals. And given the obstacles he has overcome just to reach the point he is at now, only a fool would bet against him.

Conner goes on to speak at length about the uncertainty that surrounded his first game as a starter while he waited for Le’Veon Bell to return, as well as talking about how much it meant to hear his name called on draft day.

While some of the language is not necessarily safe for a younger audience, the interview is well worth a watch if you have a spare hour.