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BTSC Pittsburgh Steelers Jeopardy: Trading Spaces Edition

Test your Pittsburgh Steelers intellect in the BTSC Steelers Jeopardy game!

1997 AFC Championship Game - Denver Broncos vs Pittsburgh Steelers - January 11, 1998 Photo by Greg Crisp/Getty Images

This... is...Jeopardy! Well, BTSC Steeler Jeopardy. Once again, I put my black-and-gold mind to work and came up with 5 Steelers “answers” from one specific Steelers category. You will be charged with trying to guess the responses in the comment section below.

Remember to always phase your response in the form of a question, and if you don’t know it, you can simply skip it. Keep track and share your scores. A word of warning though, the correct responses are right after each individual wager in blue. Consider this something fun to pass the time until the real news starts!!

Todays Category: Trading Spaces


Question: Who is Roosevelt Nix?

Rosie Nix, an undrafted free agent out of Kent State for Atlanta in 2014, was a defensive lineman for the Golden Flashes, Roosevelt switched to linebacker because of his lack of NFL size for his college position. The Falcons switched RNJ to the fullback position, but Nix was cut in camp. The next season, the Steelers signed him as a linebacker. They then switched Nix back to fullback because of overwhelming depth at the lb position. But his odds were still long with Will Johnson entrenched at the position. Nix did stand out as a special teams player and won a job on the 53 man roster. In 2017, Nix was named to the Pro Bowl and is a hard-nosed player no matter the position.


Question: Who is Ray Mansfield?

After his rookie season in Philadelphia, the DT arrived in Pittsburgh and embarked on a record 182-game streak as a Steeler. “The Ranger” switched to Center in 1965 and began a long-run of just six principle centers that extends to present day. Mansfield even was called upon as a Kicker in the 1976 playoffs. Sadly, Mansfield died hiking in the Grand Canyon in 1996 at the age of 55.


Question: Who is Carnell Lake?

Carnell Lake played inside linebacker as a Bruin, but was considered too small to play it professionallly despite being the all-time leader in tackles-for-loss at the school. During two college all-star games, Lake played safety and the Steelers drafted him third in ‘89. He played at that position most of his ten seasons in Pittsburgh, but switched to corner briefly in 1995 as a sub for the injured Rod Woodson. He earned a Pro Bowl nod that season in his temp gig.


Question: Who is Larry Brown?

Brown caught the first Steeler TD reception in a Super Bowl and played tight end for his first six seasons in Pittsburgh and two Super Bowl wins. Because of a knee injury in 1977, HC Chuck Noll wanted the blocking TE to temporarily train as a lineman. However, the next eight years, Brown started at the right tackle position and earned a Pro Bowl nod in 1982. When once asked which of these players from the Super Bowl teams that was not in the Hall of Fame deserved it the most, Noll pointed to Larry Brown.


Question: Who is Carlton Haselrig?

Thats not a typo. Back in those days, the winner of the Division-II Wrestling Title was invited to compete in the D-1 tourney. Haselrig swept both his sophomore, junior and senior seasons as a grappler for Pitt-Johnstown, This led four teams to bring Haselrig in for workouts, but Pittsburgh drafted him in the 12th-round as a defensive lineman. As a member of the Scout Team, Rig played both ways and the team realized that the natural fit for him was on the offensive line as a guard. Haselrig played in Pittsburgh until 1993 and was out of football by 1996.

How’d you do? You didn’t resort to cheating did you? Let us know in the comments. See you next time on BTSC Steeler Jeopardy.