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BTSC Pittsburgh Steelers Jeopardy: School Days

Test your Pittsburgh Steelers knowledge in the BTSC Steelers Jeopardy game!

Super Bowl XL - Pittsburgh Steelers Press Conference - January 30, 2006 Photo by Al Messerschmidt/Getty Images

This... is...Jeopardy! Well, BTSC Steeler Jeopardy. Once again, I put my black-and-gold mind to work and came up with 5 Steelers “answers” from one specific Steelers category. You will be charged with trying to guess the responses in the comment section below.

Remember to always phase your response in the form of a question, and if you don’t know it, you can simply skip it. Keep track and share your scores. A word of warning though, the correct responses are right after each individual wager in blue. Consider this something fun to pass the time until the real news starts!!

Todays Category: School Days


Question: What is a Hokie?

Once called the “Gobblers”, the name and corresponding turkey mascot eventually fell out of favor in Blacksburg. In 1981, Tech switched to the hokiebird that was already included in their battle cry since 1890 when a student won $5 for using it in a cheer.


Question: Who is Troy Polamalu?

The 2005 team was tight and Joey Porter took to honoring coaches by having members of the defense wear their throwback jersey. After honoring the likes of DC Dick Lebeau and HC Bill Cowher with Lions and Browns jerseys respectively, about 24 members of the team decided to honor Jerome Bettis by sporting his green No. 6 Fighting Irish jersey on the plane on the Monday before the Super Bowl. A few players that went to rival schools of ND like Larry Foote of Michigan and Troy Polamalu, struggled wearing those threads. Polamalu, an All-American USC Trojan, told Bettis (as recounted in Jerome’s autobiography), “ I just want you to know that I would never ever wear a Notre Dame jersey. But the fact that I am wearing this says a lot about the person you are and the respect I have for you.”


Question: What is Louisiana Tech?

Bradshaw was the top pick in the 1970 draft. The Steelers won a coin flip against the Chicago Bears to be in position to nab him. In 1999, the Steelers were hungry for a WR and selected Edwards 13th overall. They both played college ball for the Bulldogs on the rural campus in Ruston, LA.


Question: What is Maryland?

The Steelers currently have four Maryland Terrapins on their 91-Man Roster. They are Sean Davis, Trey Edmunds (split time at Maryland and Va Tech), Damian Prince and Derwin Gray. The Tennessee Volunteers on the roster are Joshua Dobbs, Cameron Sutton, Daniel McCullers and Ramon Foster.


Question: What is the University of Colorado?

The scouting department must have taken a lot of trips to Boulder in those days. In 1992 NT Joel Steed was selected from the Buffaloes in the third round. The top two selections in 1993 were CB Deon Figures (1st) and LB Chad Brown (2nd). In ‘94, they went to Colorado again with their top pick in the form of WR Charles Johnson and picked QB Kordell Stewart with the second selection in 1995. All made significant contributions in their Steeler careers.

How’d you do? You didn’t resort to cheating did you? Let us know in the comments. See you next time on BTSC Steeler Jeopardy.