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BTSC Steelers Jeopardy: And now a word from our sponsor

Test your Pittsburgh Steelers knowledge in the BTSC Steelers Jeopardy game!

Wild Card Playoffs - Baltimore Ravens v Pittsburgh Steelers Photo by Justin K. Aller/Getty Images

This... is...Jeopardy! Well, BTSC Steeler Jeopardy. Once again, I put my black-and-gold mind to work and came up with 5 Steelers “answers” from one specific Steelers category. You will be charged with trying to guess the responses in the comment section below.

Remember to always phase your response in the form of a question, and if you don’t know it, you can simply skip it. Keep track and share your scores. A word of warning though, the correct responses are right after each individual wager in blue. Consider this something fun to pass the time until the real news starts!!

Todays Category: Now A World A From Our Sponsor


Question: What is a Coca Cola ?

In probably one of the most popular commercials of all time, Joe Greene was limping into the tunnel with his white Steeler jersey draped over his shoulder pads and seemingly desperate to get to as. X-Ray machine or get a rubdown of some sort. Then for some reason, an unaccompanied minor, played by Tommy Okon, was inexplicably present and offered the Steeler stalwart a Coca-Cola. Fearing Herpes or getting roofied, Joe rebuffed the boy. However, the kid wouldn’t shut up about it and the future HOFer relented. Greene proceeded to guzzle the frosty beverage, while the kid sulked away in disbelief that this grumpy behemoth just drank the whole dang bottle without saving him a freaking drop. I’m sure soda prices were still pretty high at stadiums back then too, unless the kid bought it from Giant Eagle and smuggled it in past security. But remember that “Mean Joe” was wearing white, so there was no way it was at Three Rivers debunking the Giant Eagle possibility. Anyhow, No. 75 totally redeemed himself by tossing the kid his sweat-soaked jersey and there was much rejoicing. The 1979 classic was a part of the “Have a Coke and a smile” campaign and spawned a made-for-tv movie that the very existence of it is unlocatable on the internet.


Question: What is Head and Shoulders?

It’s only fitting that Troy Polamalu did an advertisement featuring his luxurious locks of hair. But a dandruff shampoo, really? No. 43 was known first for the Hall-Worthy perfomance he graced Steeler Nation with every weekend from 2003-2014, but his hair was a huge part of his identity.


Question: What is Pizza Hut?

AB and JuJu have truly been at odds on social media since the elder receiver’s departure via the infamous trade to Oakland earlier this year. However, they seemed like best buds in the commercial that depicted the two (then-Steeler stars) watching a game together and enjoying a two-topping pie for only $7.99.


Question: Who are Jack Lambert and Myron Cope?

You and Double-Yoi! Who would’ve ever believed that these two would make a great comic duo? The 1985 advertisement featured “Jack Splat” and Cope riding Raging Rapids at Kennywood. The spot featured the linebacker and the broadcaster getting soaked, Cope wearing goggles while clutching an inflatable rubber duck and No. 58 dumping a helmet full of water on his little buddy’s head at Pittsburgh’s signature theme park.


Question: Who is L.C. Greenwood?

Back in the 80s, humorous ads for Lite Beer from Miller featured famous former athletes in a bar setting talking about how they needed a beer that had great taste, but was less-filling. The man known as “Hollywood Bags”, who always had aspirations of an acting gig after his playing career, was featured reading a deprecating letter to quarterbacks.

How’d you do? You didn’t resort to cheating did you? Let us know in the comments. See you next time on BTSC Steeler Jeopardy.