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Vince Williams makes his, and the Steelers’, approach to the 2019 season very clear

The vocal leader of the Steelers’ defense is making his stance on the 2019 approach very clear.

Pittsburgh Steelers v Denver Broncos Photo by Matthew Stockman/Getty Images

When it comes to Thursday, the day the Pittsburgh Steelers report to training camp, fans know all too well about the antics which happen as players walk into those Saint Vincent College dorm rooms.

You won’t see Ben Roethlisberger entering those dorms, but there are some players who make it very clear they want some attention when they show up.

We all remember Antonio Brown’s grand entrances. James Harrison joined in the fun from time to time, as did Brett Keisel.

But will 2019 be different? Will the players leave those antics in the past, or will it be more of the same? This is a question worth asking as the players will report about 24 hours after this article was written.

If Vince Williams’ social media posts are any indication, it would be this year is going to be all business, nothing else.

Check out this photo, and caption, Williams put on his verified Instagram account:

This image was from 2018 when Williams arrived to the dormitories blaring WWE legend “Stone Cold” Steve Austin’s entrance music, donning a Steve Austin vest and a championship belt.

Not nearly as eye grabbing as when Antonio Brown dropped into Latrobe, PA in a helicopter, but it is worth noting how Williams looks back at his 2018 entrance, and admits there is a need for a change.

“this year’s all business.” Williams wrote.

For some, this is a tremendous change of pace from the usual reporting day to training camp, but for others the no-nonsense approach is just another way the NFL, No Fun League, is bleeding its way into the Steelers. Most of the fans who don’t want the team to show up with any type of flare are also the ones who believe the only way to celebrate a touchdown is to turn and hand the football to the official.

We will know soon enough whether the Steelers will follow Williams’ lead, or if there will be one or two players who decide they want to make the trip to Latrobe a little more fun by showing up in style. Either way, Williams has made his stance clear on the discussion...

It’s all business.