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30 predictions in 30 days: Every bold claim in the series for 2019

In an effort to be held accountable for our predictions this year, we have compiled them all in one place to make it easier to call us out when we have been proved wrong.

Baltimore Ravens v Pittsburgh Steelers Photo by Justin K. Aller/Getty Images

Now that training camp is finally upon us, we can put an offseason of predictions about the Pittsburgh Steelers behind us and look forward to some real football. But as much as we have criticized many in the national media for their outlandish projections this year, we have been guilty of one or two bold claims of our own in 2019.

Our 30 predictions in 30 days series that concluded on Wednesday made a number of speculative predictions for the upcoming season. However, unlike most other publications, we are more than willing to be held accountable for our words and have compiled all of our projections in one place to to make future ridicule easier.

With one of two polls still open, the finally tally of the public vote is still subject to change, but as it currently stands, it appears that the BTSC readership agreed with Jeff or myself on 19 of our 30 predictions, with two currently tied.

Of the nine claims you all disagreed with, the one you found fault with the most was one I made about Javon Hargrave leading the defensive line in sacks, with 71 percent voting no. Indeed, it would seem that I was to blame for the three least supported projections in the series. Not sure if that is a badge of honor or shame. I was also responsible the most popular claim when I wrote that the Steelers would win at least 10 games in 2019, with 91 percent of the readership on board with that one.

Unless an new contract for Mike Hilton is announced before practice starts on Friday, Jeff will have been proved wrong on his prediction that the cornerback would sign a new contract by then, something that 38 percent of you also saw happening and the first claim to have failed so far.

The full list of 30 predictions in 30 days for the first to the last:

  1. Ben Roethlisberger will have a career low in interceptions in 2019 36% - Yes, 64% - No
  2. Javon Hargrave will lead the Steelers defensive line in sacks in 2019 29% - Yes, 71% - No
  3. Steelers’ offense will average 28 points per game in 2019 66% - Yes, 35% - No
  4. A defensive player will record at least 5 interceptions in 2019 47% - Yes, 53% - No
  5. The Steelers will reach 50 sacks for the third straight season - 88% - Yes, 12% - No
  6. Steelers will win at least 10 games in 2019 91% - Yes, 9% - No
  7. Vance McDonald will have double-digit touchdown receptions in 2019 41% - Yes, 59% - No
  8. JuJu Smith-Schuster will have more yards and receptions than Antonio Brown in 2019 72% - Yes, 28% - No
  9. Mike Tomlin will be successful in three replay challenges in 2019 59% - Yes, 41% - No
  10. Rookie linebacker Devin Bush will lead the Steelers in tackles in 2019 62% - Yes, 38% - No
  11. Steelers OLB Bud Dupree will record 9 sacks in 2019 57% - Yes, 43% - No
  12. Steelers will see at least three players named to All-Pro teams in 2019 75% - Yes, 25% - No
  13. Benny Snell Jr. will be second on the Steelers in rushing next season 67% - Yes, 33% - No
  14. Steelers will add at least two more players who make final 53-man roster after training camp ends 31% - Yes, 69% - No
  15. Steelers will improve on their 2018 AFC North record in 2019 56% - Yes, 44% - No
  16. T.J. Watt will finish the season with more sacks than brother J.J. Watt in 2019 69% - Yes, 31% - No
  17. JuJu Smith-Schuster will hit pay dirt 10 times for the Steelers in 2019 88% - Yes, 12% - No
  18. Steelers will only extend the contract of one player in 2019 47% - Yes, 53% - No
  19. Mason Rudolph won’t just win the No. 2 QB job, but will play competitive snaps for the Steelers 65% - Yes, 35% - No
  20. Xavier Grimble will have at least 350 yards receiving in 2019 52% - Yes, 48% - No
  21. Sean Davis will set career highs in interceptions and tackles in 2019 65% - Yes, 35% - No
  22. Stephon Tuitt will make his first Pro Bowl in 2019 32% - Yes, 68% -No
  23. Rookie WR Diontae Johnson will crush James Washington’s rookie stats in 2019 89% - Yes, 11% - No
  24. Mike Hilton will receive a new contract before the Steelers first official camp practice 38% - Yes, 62% - No
  25. Steelers will beat the Cleveland Browns twice in 2019 50% - Yes, 50% -No
  26. Chris Boswell will make at least 85 percent of his field goals in 2019 79% - Yes, 21% - No
  27. James Conner will have 17 total touchdowns in 2019 50% - Yes, 50% - No
  28. James Conner will eclipse Le’Veon Bell’s greatest single season rushing total in 2019 44% - Yes, 56% -No
  29. Steelers’ offensive line will keep Ben Roethlisberger atop the Sack % category 53% - Yes, 47% - No
  30. The Pittsburgh Steelers will win the Super Bowl in 2019 71% - Yes, 29% - No

Whenever a predictions is proved right or wrong, we will be sure to revisit this piece throughout the season. But be warned, if too many of them fall flat on their face, this post will be purged from the system and both Jeff and I will deny it ever existed.