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Betting lines for (almost) every Pittsburgh Steelers game in 2019

If you like to put money on Steelers games, now might be the time to place your bets.

NFL: DEC 02 Chargers at Steelers Photo by Shelley Lipton/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

It has been noted that NFL analysts can too easily be swayed when it comes to picking the winners in any particular NFL matchup. If you really want to know who should win a specific game, trust Vegas. The betting facilities who set lines for NFL games really know how things should go. If not, they would have been out of business long ago.

While Vegas is following the same trend as the NFL in giving a lot of love to the Cleveland Browns and being down on the Steelers, the way they have the line set for individual games is quite interesting. The number of wins for the Steelers in 2019 is currently set at nine by the Vegas odds makers. But here is a breakdown of the current lineup on all Steeler games in 2019:

at New England: +6

vs Seattle: -3

at San Francisco: PK

vs Cincinnati: -9

vs Baltimore: -3

at L.A. Chargers: +4.5


vs Miami: -10

vs Indianapolis: -2.5

vs L.A. Rams: PK

at Cleveland: +2.5

at Cincinnati: -3

vs Cleveland: -3.5

at Arizona: -3.5

vs Buffalo: -7

at N.Y. Jets: -1.5

at Baltimore: N/A

Vegas does not do a line for week 17 due to the numerous factors such as resting players for the playoffs. If using the calculation of adding three points at home and subtracting three points on the road, it is easy to predict that the line would be +3 for the Steelers in Baltimore.

The first thing that stands out for these lines is the fact the Steelers are already favored in 10 games with two additional games being even. So while Vegas is not going to put the Steelers in double-digit wins for the season, they still have them favored in 10 games.

The other interesting note is the Steelers are being given more than the three points for home and away against the Browns. Although Vegas has the Browns at higher odds to win the AFC North, they do not have them currently as a team who would be ranked ahead of Pittsburgh on a neutral field.

If you were the type of person who likes to place the occasional wager in favor of the Steelers, now would be the time to do it. There are several games on the schedule where the line could go even more in favor of the Steelers barring major injuries.

Of all the lines listed above, one of my favorites in favor of the Steelers is at home versus the Colts. For some reason it seems like the Steelers put on an offensive display whenever they face Indianapolis. I also like the Steelers by a field goal in Cincinnati. It seems the Steelers usually play better at Paul Brown Stadium against the Bengals than they do at Heinz Field.

Another line which is one of my favorites is the Steelers at the New York Jets. If you were the kind of person who likes to bet the line movement, this is one that I would highly consider. To explain, I would place a decent-sized wager on the Steelers currently favored by 1.5 points. I believe as the game approaches, the Steelers will be favored by even more points, maybe as many as 6.5. If I were able to see that particular line for the Steelers at another time, I would bet the same amount on the Jets giving 6.5 points. In this case, it’s a scenario you cannot lose. One way or the other, one of your two bets will win. If the final score lands somewhere between 2 and 6 points in favor of the Steelers, you would win both bets. And if the line does not move in the right direction between now and Week 16 like I believed it would, I just stick with my original bet and ride it out.

On the other end of the spectrum, there are several games that I would avoid placing a wager on the Steelers. Currently, I have no desire to put anything on the Chargers or Rams games. Additionally, I’m generally not one to touch either game against the Ravens.

So which game would you currently be willing to place a wager in favor of the Steelers in 2019? Feel free to leave your selection in the comments below.