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Rod Woodson predicts Steelers will win AFC North with 10-6 record in 2019

The former Pittsburgh cornerback also has the Cleveland Browns finishing with a winning record for the first time since 2007

Philadelphia Eagles v Pittsburgh Steelers Photo by George Gojkovich/Getty Images

With no actual football of any kind to talk about until the start of training camp for the Pittsburgh Steelers on July 25, predictions and rankings list fill up more of the offseason than anything else. And it is the former of those two staples we are highlighting here after former Steelers cornerback turned NFL analyst Rod Woodson offered his opinion on who would win the AFC North.

A 10-6 record is very much in line with a prediction made on BTSC just recently, and judging by the 92 percent of readers who agreed with the suggestion then, Woodson is unlikely to find much argument around here.

However, the player who has suited up for half of the division at some point during his 17-year NFL career appears to be far more confident about the other team he played for in the AFC North than some outsiders. A 9-7 record for the Baltimore Ravens may be a few more wins than they can actually muster in 2019, while it would seem that Woodson is also buying into the hype of the Cleveland Browns somewhat too.

Predicting a 4-12 record for the Cincinnati Bengals might also be a little harsher than many media experts have projected, but I cannot deny I like the way the former cornerback is thinking with this one.

My predictions for the year are Steelers 11-5, Ravens 8-8, Browns 7-9, Bengals 6-10. Lets us know what you think the final record of each team will be in the comments section below.