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Vegas odds show a significant shake up in the AFC North in 2019

Looking at the odds for each AFC North team and where they will place in the division.

NFL: Cleveland Browns at Pittsburgh Steelers Philip G. Pavely-USA TODAY Sports

When it comes to sports betting, you can find somewhere to place a bet of almost anything. Some of prop bets for the Super Bowl have become so outlandish it has made their popularity skyrocket. While most people aren’t interested in taking the over/under on the length of The Star Spangled Banner, placing a wager for the Steelers to win the AFC North is something fans may want to consider.

Using the numbers courtesy of BetOnline, each of the four AFC North teams have been given odds at each finishing position for the 2019 season. While I could just simply give you the odds (which I will at the end), let’s look at some of the numbers that stand out the most.

Lowest Odds: Cincinnati Bengals to finish in 4th place at 2/5

The only bet in the AFC North to not draw even money is for the Bengals to finish is last place. With a new head coach and a lot of questions across their entire roster, it’s not surprising the Bengals coming in last place is the safest bet available. So if you really need and extra $2 for you New Year’s Eve party, run out and spend $5 on a bet for the cellar-dwelling team from Cincinnati. Or just keep your $5.

Highest Odds: Cincinnati Bengals to finish in 1st place at 14/1

It would be safe to say if a team is viewed as a shoo-in to come in last place, they would be the longest shot to finish first. And so it is. While 14/1 isn’t the largest payout around, if someone was sold on the Bengals over-achieving it would make since to place a small wager.

Most Common Odds: Browns and Steelers in 2nd place, Ravens in 3rd place at 2/1

While the 2/1 odds for the Ravens to finish third in the division is their lowest odds, it is not the case for the Browns and Steelers. I find it interesting they both have the same odds for second place. But while both teams have greater odds to finish in first than in second, they do not have identical odds. Which leads to this...

Lowest Odds to Win the Divisions: Pittsburgh Steelers at 7/5

While the Cleveland Browns are continually getting slobbered over by the national media, the Steelers still managed to squeak out a narrow victory as the odds-on favorite to win the AFC North. With the Browns following closely at 3/2, the slightest thing, such as an injury, could shift the odds enough for the teams to switch positions.

Highest Odds to Finish Last in the Divisions: Pittsburgh Steelers at 12/1

This one wasn’t even close. The next lowest odds to come in fourth place in the division are the Cleveland Browns at 8/1. While it is a long shot for the Steelers to finish last in the AFC North, it is still more likely than the Bengals finishing first.

So there you have it. According to BetOnline the Steelers will be the 2019 AFC North Champions, followed my Cleveland, Baltimore, than Cincinnati. It is interesting that both the Steelers and Browns have their best bet as finishing in first place. As much as I would like to see how these odds pan out at the end of the season, it will be very curious to see how the odds will have shifted after the first quarter of the season.