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Pittsburgh Steelers receivers remembering Darryl Drake in their own way

While the Pittsburgh Steelers move on with their preparations for the 2019 season, all the receivers are remembering Darry Drake in their own way.

NFL: Preseason-Kansas City Chiefs at Pittsburgh Steelers Philip G. Pavely-USA TODAY Sports

When you lose a coach, it hurts. Period. There is no way around that, but when you lose a coach the way the Pittsburgh Steelers’ wide receivers did in the midst of training camp, it is a tall task to get back to normalcy.

To be honest, it will take a long time for most of the player until not seeing coach Darryl Drake is the new norm, but in the meantime players are remembering their beloved coach in their own way.

For a player like Donte Moncrief, who was signed by the Steelers as a free agent this past offseason, although he only knew Drake for a short time, he felt the need to get hooded sweatshirts made with one of Drake’s favorite sayings on it:

“Block out the noise.”

JuJu Smith-Schuster knew Drake longer, and too felt the need to pay homage in some way. Smith-Schuster had wristbands made with some of Drake’s quotes. The one he loves the most?

“Don’t choose good when great is available.”

These are touching tributes to a man who meant a lot to the young men he coached. Not just in Pittsburgh, but across the country. After Drake’s passing, players across the football landscape paid respects to the man, more than the coach.

Check out this cool video produced by the Steelers organization about the receivers who now have to move on without their beloved coach.