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Steelers vs. Titans, Preseason Week 3: Knee-Jerk Reactions to the Steelers 18-6 victory over Tennessee

One BTSC writer shares his real-time, initial thoughts of the Steelers test against the Titans.

Pittsburgh Steelers v Tennessee Titans Photo by Frederick Breedon/Getty Images

Here we go! Our truest look at the Steelers with Big Ben behind center and most of the team playing. There’s a different brand of football this year after two preseason contests and a desire to prove from a lot of these guys.

Nonetheless, a simple reminder, a knee jerk reaction is an immediate and unthinking, emotional reaction. It’s basically shooting first and apologizing later. I can safely say that’s a true definition of your’s truly and a good lot of Steeler Nation. Here’s my real-time reactions during the Steelers’ first battle of the new season.

Quarter 1

  • Love the Darryl Drake bracelets that JuJu has made. I need one of those.
  • I love Tennessee’s uniforms.
  • I just don’t like screwing with the camera angles.
  • Switzer will be his fair shot. I just don’t think he’s the best returner on the team.
  • Ben going to Crief early.
  • Short stuff is working.
  • Seriously, my old eyes can’t follow this angle. I used to love you NBC. Now...They just made the list.
  • I didn’t expect Bush to play. His speed is lethal.
  • These penalties are not the picture of discipline.
  • The defense looks good when they play smart.
  • I love James Conner. That run was set up right.
  • Ben looked rusty on that incompletion to JuJu.
  • Defense needs to get points here.
  • Edmunds is stepping up. That was nice on that stop.
  • Sweet. Tuitt for two.
  • Ben needs to put the ball in the touchdown zone.
  • The line looks really good. This could be a running team.
  • Ben is settling down. Having to get the ball out quick.
  • Tre Edmunds with the first down.
  • That was a great drive. Nice TD to JuJu. Now take him out.
  • If Jalen doesn’t slip...he’s in.
  • Tuitt and Dupree with a sack,
  • Bud looks like he is going to have a monster year.
  • Is there really a No. 59?
  • Mason needs to prove he is the guy behind the guy.
  • i didn’t think Jack Ham was playing to get penalized. So, good return by Switz.
  • And another decent return by Switz. This one counts.
  • Jaylen Samuels is really good, especially on a improvised play that got busted up.
  • Big time throw. Rudolph and Washington are for real. QB2 and WR2.
  • Great start.
  • The great thing about Washington is that he catches balls from everybody, just not his Oklahoma State QB.
  • Awesome. Skycam is down.
  • Can’t allow returns like that. C’mon ST.
  • That stop by Watt is Varsity stuff.
  • Williams can’t be covering guys like Corey Davis. Ugggh.
  • I like a 15-0 quarter.

Quarter 2

  • Dammit Skycam is back.
  • Decent coverage by Nelson.
  • That shirtless pic of Collinsworth is hilarious.
  • Defense is swarming.
  • Hold ‘em to three. No problem.
  • Not much, but not bad.
  • Good punt by Berry.
  • Nelson is looking like a lockdown.
  • A.J. Brown made Burns look silly there. Luckily, there was a hold.
  • Rudolph just got taken advantage of by a Hooker. Bad pick.
  • Miscommunication with JWash on that one.
  • VinnyVidiVici with the big sack.
  • I love this fast defense. I love Bush.
  • Got lucky there. Kam Kelly with the forced fumble.
  • Nice effort by Johnny Holton. Last year, that’s a catch.
  • The Davis injury is crucial.
  • Cam with the big sack. The defense is playing at a high level.
  • 15-3. I’ll take that score from the first half.

Quarter 3

  • Woodside is another AAF guy that is making a move.
  • But then there’s Tuzar Skipper. He has got to make the 53.
  • Dobbs can make things happen on the run.
  • Johnny Holton is going to get nailed on the push off.
  • Good pass by Dobbs.
  • I would have challenged that PI.
  • Ian Berryman positioned that ball well.
  • Spencer is really fast. Love the reverse.
  • That was a big time play from Dobbs to Griffey.
  • I love JuJu’s enthusiasm there.
  • What? Incomplete. Challenge that.
  • Tomlin wins a challenge. That’s bigger than Steve Harrington from Stranger Things winning a fight.
  • Matthew Wright will be good on another club.
  • Justin Layne is getting some good work. Nice coverage.
  • End of Quarter. Can’t complain about much.

Quarter 4

  • At this point, I’m watching bubble guys play their hearts out.
  • Marcus Allen forced that ball out.
  • Tough to challenge.
  • Keeping them out of the end zone is a good thing.
  • That was brutal. Spencer almost got decapitated.
  • That’s why you don’t keep Dobbs. Ugly pick.
  • Former Titan Robert Spillane on the sack. Two good plays in a row by him.
  • Seven sacks. Wow!
  • Get more points here.
  • Smart to run out the clock here.
  • No FG attempt. Not really necessary.
  • Feel great about that 18-6 win. I’m

Once again, I just shot first and I’ll apologize later. All reactions were in real time. Basically, it is the equivalent of watching the game with me, you just don’t have to listen to me chew my food and listen to me ramble. Now time to watch it again and see what really happened. Make sure you get your voice heard in the comments below.