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Steelers vs. Panthers, Preseason Week 4: Knee-Jerk Reactions to the Steelers 25-19 loss to Carolina.

One BTSC writer shares his real-time, initial thoughts of the Steelers final preseason test against the Panthers.

Pittsburgh Steelers v Carolina Panthers Photo by Jacob Kupferman/Getty Images

Here we go! Tonight is the final opportunity for coaches to evaluate Steelers on the bubble. While some won’t tune in because the lack of stars on the field, I tend to watch to see the passion and last-ditch pitches for football survival. Let’s recap with what I felt at different junctures during the evening.

Nonetheless, a simple reminder, a knee jerk reaction is an immediate and unthinking, emotional reaction. It’s basically shooting first and apologizing later. I can safely say that’s a true definition of your’s truly and a good lot of Steeler Nation. Here’s my real-time reactions during the Steelers’ last fake battle of the new season.

Quarter 1

  • Here we go.
  • Dirty Red needs to complete those tackles. That’s no bueno.
  • Yuck!
  • Nice juggling catch.
  • He blew past Bush.
  • Kam Kelly whiffed there.
  • Skipper almost had the sack. Has to complete those.
  • Good coverage by Artie.
  • Block. Nice.
  • Not a bad run by Snell.
  • That’s why I’m down on Dobbs. Awful.
  • Nice pass by Grier. Terrible tackling on defense. Looking slow on defense.
  • Skipper and Bush. Combining for the tackle.
  • That was all Jayrone Elliott. That was pretty sweet from the new guy.
  • That still masks a crappy drive on defense.
  • Bush not looking stellar.
  • Sutton Smith is around ball carriers a lot.
  • This is not a fun defense to watch this week. Stop them on Fourth and One.
  • End of Quarter. 7-0 Stiller’s.

Quarter 2

  • Sutton Smith getting into the action with the sack.
  • Preseason is the time to go for 59. Wow!!!!
  • Nice ball from Dobbs. Thought Washington would nab that.
  • We know Dobbs can run. I want to see him complete passes.
  • Nice pass to Switz.
  • That won’t help Trey sneak on the team.
  • Dionte Johnson was interfered with there.
  • Snell got tripped up there.
  • Mason time.
  • There’s Benny Snell Football. Liking that.
  • Nice pitch and catch from No. 2 to Eli.
  • Good battling by Eli for YAC.
  • BSF coming alive.
  • Not a pretty pass from Rudy.
  • Dionte Johnson! Sweet.
  • They come alive when Mason comes in.
  • Two penalties in a row. Discipline!
  • Uggh. Missed FG by Wright.
  • Who’s still with me? This is brutal.
  • Grier is good. This defense on the field looks suspect.
  • I really want to see some Diontae Spencer.
  • Holton with the sweet move and he managed to stay in bounds. Haha.
  • Hate to see a sack there.
  • At least they got three from that.
  • My guy with the ST tackle.
  • Sutton with the pick. Horrendous pass by Grier.
  • Get some points.
  • Johnny Holton with the sweet grab. Terrible celebration.
  • Thats why Mason is the No. 2.
  • Good. It’s halftime.
  • Missed it.
  • 16-10 Steelers.

Quarter 3

  • Time to get your quack on maybe one last time.
  • Theres no chance for Hawkins at this point.
  • Trey Griffey is gonna get called on that.
  • Mondeaux and Skipper in on the sack.
  • Hodges looked antsy there.
  • Derwin Gray let him in untouched.
  • Skipper is a beast.
  • RMU’s Branch with a leaping pick.
  • Duck just threw one.

Quarter 4

  • Skipper in there again. Have to keep him.
  • Clock is striking midnight on Duck.
  • Nice coffin-corner by Berryman. He can punt in this league.
  • That stinks. 17-16 Panthers.
  • That interception is going to stand. Gentry got himself robbed of the ball.
  • Holyfield is a nice runner. He may have a puncher’s chance to make this Carolina team.
  • Ouch! Another TD in the fourth. This game is over after the 2PC.
  • This is painful.
  • Diontae Spencer with the catch. That’s my dude.
  • Tevin Jones getting a lot of action.
  • That is targeting.
  • Another hold. C’mon.
  • That was brutal.
  • Bring on the regular season.

Once again, I just shot first and I’ll apologize later. All reactions were in real time. Basically, it is the equivalent of watching the game with me, you just don’t have to listen to me chew my food and listen to me ramble. Now time to watch it again and see what really happened. Make sure you get your voice heard in the comments below.