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Win two tickets to the Steelers vs. Buccaneers Week 1 preseason game on BTSC!

We are giving away two tickets to the Week 1 preseason game at Heinz Field!

NFL: Pittsburgh Steelers at Tampa Bay Buccaneers Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The Pittsburgh Steelers and Tampa Bay Buccaneers are set to square off this Friday at Heinz Field, and we here at Behind the Steel Curtain want to send two fans to the game for FREE!!

Of course, we need a way to figure out the winner, but first let’s get to the logistics.

This giveaway is to anyone who can, or is willing, to go to the game on Friday night. Below are the details on the game:

Date: August 9, 2019
Place: Heinz Field
Kickoff: 7:30 p.m. ET
Opponent: Tampa Bay Buccaneers

As Deputy Editor Dave Schofield and I thought about how to deliver this news, and how to deal with the contest, the one thing I thought of was how of the thousands of people who read BTSC, but never become part of our community. They never create an account and become a part of the discussion.

You see tons of commenters every year say, “I’ve followed the site for years, but finally started to comment.” I want to draw more people out of the wood work with this contest, so here are the details.

  • Must have an active account with BTSC
  • Must be able to attend the game
  • Tickets are not to be sold or redistributed
  • Must have someone 18 or older to accept the tickets

Let me just reiterate how you HAVE TO BE ABLE TO ATTEND THE GAME before even considering entering the contest. There is nothing worse than someone claim tickets, and not be able to attend. Especially when there are others who would like to, and would, go to the game.

Now for the contest itself. As you most likely know, Mr. Schofield is a numbers guy. He looked back and found ONE number from last season, and you have to try and guess what statistic this number is pointing to. We wanted to make sure this was difficult enough, but not so difficult we didn’t get any responses.

If you are completely stumped, and there isn’t a correct response, we will release a hint the following day to help you along. When the first correct response is received, they will be the winner of the contest!

Want to take a stab at winning the tickets? Email Dave Schofield at to submit your answer and your BTSC account. If you don’t have an active BTSC account, you will not be considered for the contest.

Here is the number, and the first hint:


Hint: This is a 2018 offensive statistic


We have a WINNER!! Thanks to everyone who participated in the contest for free preseason tickets!!