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Win 2 tickets to the Steelers-Bengals game on Monday Night Football courtesy of Behind The Steel Curtain

The game is at Heinz Field on September 30th, and the contest is easy to enter

Cincinnati Bengals v Pittsburgh Steelers Photo by Joe Sargent/Getty Images

It’s time for yet another exciting Behind The Steel Curtain giveaway! For this contest, it might be our most exciting prize yet. This time contestants may enter for the chance to win two tickets to the Steelers next home game at Heinz Field on Monday Night Football against the Cincinnati Bengals on September 30 at 8:15 PM. This game will be the home debut of newly acquired Minkah Fitzpatrick and will be the first game started at Heinz Field by quarterback Mason Rudolph.

So what do you need to do in order to enter the contest? It’s quite easy. We here at Behind The Steel Curtain need some help. We have just recently found a new apparel distributor and we need to update our designs for T-shirts. This is where you come in. We need a good slogan! We are looking for a good, fun slogan to put on a T-shirt to show our Steelers fandom.

I personally have the #DillyDilly shirt previously available on . Now I am ready for the next great T-shirt available through the website.

This is where you all come in. For this contest, you enter by emailing me one T-shirt slogan. You will send it along with your name to with the subject “slogan contest.” Only one submission per person. If two people send the exact same slogan, it will be the first one we received and an email will be sent to the others so they know they can make another submission. If there is a slight variance, it will be entered as original.

Submissions can be made from now through 8 PM Tuesday September 24th. At that time, I will compile every entry and present them to Jeff Hartman and Brian Anthony Davis. Without any names associated, Bryan and Jeff will pick their five favorite. Some choices may overlap if they both happen to like the same ones.

The 5-10 slogans selected will then be put in a poll as part of an article published Wednesday morning. The pole will run until exactly 9 PM on Thursday when we will announce the winner on the Steelers Preview podcast.

Before making your submission, there are some guidelines which need to be followed :

  • You must be able to use the tickets! We do not want someone winning the contest and leaving the tickets unclaimed while others would gladly use them. If you really wanted to submit something but cannot use the tickets, please make me aware in the email.
  • Absolutely no profanity. These entries will be automatically disqualified.
  • Be positive! Jeff and Bryan will definitely not pick an entry with negativity.
  • You cannot include the word “Steelers.” It is trademarked which makes it to where we cannot print it on the shirt. Players FULL names are also trademarked so they can’t be used. Nicknames or first names should be fair game.
  • Creativity counts! The more slick the slogan, the more likely will be chosen.
  • No artwork included. Although artwork would be appreciated and could be used if the design is chosen, it will not be included as part of the contest. We’re trying to make it even for all, especially those artistically challenged.
  • All slogans can be chosen for additional shirts even if it is not the winner. Once you submit your slogan, it becomes fair game for us to use it.

Because we do not want people just throwing out slogans and ruining others ideas, the comments for this article has been turned OFF. If you have an idea, submit it via email!

So there are the guidelines! Make sure you submit your entries to me at by 8 PM Tuesday. Let’s have some fun, and GO STEELERS!