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Steelers vs. 49ers, Week 3: Knee-Jerk Reactions to the Steelers’ 24-20 loss to the 49ers

One BTSC writer shares his real-time, initial thoughts of the Steelers search for their initial win of 2019.

Pittsburgh Steelers v San Francisco 49ers Photo by Lachlan Cunningham/Getty Images

Here we go! The Steelers have had a September to remember if you are a masochist, Two losses, a monumental injury and a blockbuster trade are the headlines that are up front and center in the frontal lobe and throughout the Central Nervous System. Will the Steelers rebound with a win or regress even further? So without further ado, join me inside my cranium as I rehash the Week 3 desperation contest with San Fran.

Nonetheless, a simple reminder, a knee jerk reaction is an immediate and unthinking, emotional reaction. It’s basically shooting first and apologizing later. I can safely say that’s a true definition of your’s truly and a good lot of Steeler Nation. Here’s my real-time reactions during the Steelers’ chance at redemption as they look for their first win of the new season.

Quarter 1

  • Who do we see first, Mason or Minkah?
  • Steelers defer, so Mikah is up first
  • Picked off by Watt!!!
  • JuJu, Washington, and Johnson all on the field to start the game.
  • They were looking for a field goal all the way on that third and long.
  • Boswell looking much better in 2019
  • After two successful runs, Tuitt with the big sack
  • Ball out! Got to get on that. But it’s a big loss.
  • Made the stop on third and long this time so here comes the 49ers punt. Switzer back receiving to start.
  • 5 yard runs on first down – I’ll take them every time!
  • Two drives and no first downs. The Steelers offense needs to settle in quickly. Can’t expect the defense to hold them every time.
  • That is how you make a Steelers debut! Minkah with the pick after the pressure on Garoppolo by Dupree. Haden defended and Fitzpatrick cleaned it up.
  • Got to get this in the touchdown zone!
  • There’s a first down.
  • Rudolph has no time. The o-line has got to step up.
  • Six points on two first-quarter turnovers is not enough.
  • They send Fitzpatrick on a blitz which opens up the deep ball.
  • Ola on the field, but the quarter ends. Steelers up 6-0.

Quarter 2

  • 17 plays by the 49ers to the Steelers 11 to start the quarter. Not good enough. Defense needs a break.
  • Another turnover! Minkah knocks it out and Bush gets on it! This time it keeps points from being scored by the 49ers.
  • Nice screen to McDonald for a gain of 10.
  • Rudolph overthrew a wide-open McDonald on second down. Have to make those plays when you have the chance.
  • Still no third-down conversions.
  • Tight end and fullback killing the Steelers in the passing game.
  • That hit wasn’t late. Are they saying he hit his helmet?
  • If the Steelers had three turnovers and were only down 6-0 I’d be ecstatic. The offense isn’t helping the defense at all. Not getting in the end zone and not sustaining drives. They’re asking them to do all the work.
  • Another fumble!!! Defense is doing EVERYTHING in this game. Yes, it was a fumbled snap but they still got on it. What more can you ask?
  • The offense has to sustain a drive here. The defense has been out there a long time.
  • The defense gets the turnover, and the offense rewards them with a three and out.
  • The Steelers have four takeaways and only two first downs. They could have put this game away early. At least Rudolph isn’t having to match score for score yet.
  • The defense is hitting Garoppolo a lot. Even when they get big plays.
  • Bush got turned around and Kittle gets open for the conversion. He’s the 49ers best offensive player by far.
  • That shovel pass hit a lineman. It should have been a flag.
  • Steelers keep them out of the end zone and hold them to a field goal.
  • Come on offense, give your defense a break!
  • Johnson fought like crazy for that first down! Finally a third down conversion.
  • As soon as Holton was in the game, I thought something interesting was going to be coming to him.
  • Mason not afraid to tuck it and go when he has to. Took a big hit though.
  • 49ers edge rusher’s are the real deal.
  • Less than a minute to go. Defense needs to hold.
  • Haden with a great tackle for loss and kept them in bounds! That’s gonna be the half.
  • Steelers up 6-3 at half time and get the ball to start the second half.

Quarter 3

  • The coaches need to adjust and counter adjust if they’re going to have success in the second half. It’s been their biggest downfall in 2019.
  • There’s a nice first down play to Diontae Johnson on the end around.
  • The Steelers offense finally gets moving and here comes a penalty.
  • Mason avoids the sack but throws the pick. Not the way to start the half.
  • 22 yards on third and seven? Yikes!
  • Both sides of the ball struggling on third down now.
  • Now let’s see what the offense does playing from behind.
  • Holton was back and not Switzer on that kick off.
  • This offensive line is getting driven back. What was supposed to be a strength has become perhaps their greatest weakness.
  • If that time out allows the 49ers to challenge and it gets overturned, Steelers Nation is going to lose their mind! It’s bad enough to burn a second-half time out.
  • No challenge, so let’s play some defense!
  • The defense gets there first three and out in four quarters. But it’s hard to say too much when they’ forced four turnovers.
  • JUJU!!!! That’s the exact play the Steelers needed! 76 yards to the house!
  • The 49ers defense has been daring them to complete that ball all day. They’ve completely sold out for the run. The Steelers finally made them pay! And of course it was JuJu.
  • Even with the touchdown, the defense has been out there a lot. Getting gashed with the run now.
  • Steelers are still getting a lot of hits on the quarterback, but they’re on completions.
  • And just like that the 49ers have the lead back. They just ran it right down their throats.
  • The inability of the offense to get yards on first down has been a killer all day.
  • Another third down coming to start the fourth quarter. Steelers trail 13-17.

Quarter 4

  • Washington just short fighting for the first down. Yet another failed third down conversion.
  • That blindside block is a tough call. It’s usually stuff like that which goes against the Steelers. It was the right call though.
  • Switzer does catch the ball on punts, but actually getting yards just isn’t happening.
  • Got to have good yardage on first down. Let’s see if the Steelers can do it.
  • There’s a nice first down run! Conner gets 10.
  • There’s the shot deep. That’s a touchdown if they don’t interfere. I guess it was a smart defensive play.
  • There’s another deep shot to Johnson for the touchdown! That’s what they’ve needed! The 49ers have been daring them to do it and there it was.
  • That’s the first career touchdown for Diontae Johnson. Let’s watch them grow exponentially from here.
  • Even when the offense scores, they don’t give much time for the defense to rest. But you take points when you can take points.
  • Two plays and they are across midfield already. Come on!
  • The defense looks tired. They’ve got to dig deep here and keep them out of the end zone.
  • Another fumble recovery! The 49ers shoot themselves in the foot and the defense is taking advantage. That’s points off the board!
  • And they give it right back. Once again the defense is back on the field
  • And on third and long they give them the automatic first down on a hold. And lose Cam Heyward. All on a play that should have been a sack
  • And a 5-yard penalty turns into a touchdown. The Steelers have 1:15 to get to the end zone.
  • Good job throwing it away and not taking that sack.
  • And just like that, Rudolph doesn’t throw it away and takes the sack. Now it’s fourth and 12 with no timeouts. About the worst thing that could happen.
  • And that’s the ball game. Was that five defenders around that pass?
  • Defense gets five turnovers in a losing effort.
  • So the Steelers fall to 0-3. They have a lot of work to do to salvage the season. Next week against Cincinnati they HAVE to get it done.

Once again, I just shot first and I’ll apologize later. All reactions were in real time. Basically, it is the equivalent of watching me do the highlights if I hadn’t been blacklisted by the major networks. Now time to watch it again and see what really happened. Make sure you get your voice heard in the comments below.

On a side note, Bryan was away this weekend and had to watch the game on delay. Therefore Dave Schofield had to be tapped in to help out. If things seemed a little off that is why. Bryan will be back next week for Monday Night Football.