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Updating the Steelers projected 2020 draft picks after the Vannett and Fitzpatrick trades

With three trades since thier Week 1 game, it’s time to update which draft picks the Steelers still have in their possession

NFL: SEP 22 Steelers at 49ers Photo by Brian Rothmuller/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

The 2019 Pittsburgh Steelers have been uncharacteristically active during the in-season trading period for the NFL season. Trading QB Joshua Dobbs to the Jacksonville Jaguars following their Week 1 game, the Steelers followed up with their trade for FS Minkah Fitzpatrick before Week 3. Most recently, the Steelers traded for TE Nick Vannett from the Seattle Seahawks before their Week 4 match up with the Cincinnati Bengals on Monday Night Football.

With this flurry of trades, many have wondered what picks have changed hands and what do the Steelers have left for the 2020 draft. According to, these are the draft picks the Steelers have for next offseason.

Round 1

None. The Steelers traded their 2020 first-round pick to the Miami Dolphins for safety Minkah Fitzpatrick. The Steelers also swapped picks in later rounds in the 2020 and 2021 drafts.

Round 2

The Steelers have their regularly scheduled draft pick for the second round in 2020.

Round 3

The Steelers no longer have their third-round pick which they used during the 2019 draft in order to trade up for Devin Bush. Therefore, the Broncos currently hold the Steelers third-round selection. But the Steelers are currently in line for a projected third-round compensatory draft pick due to the departure of Le’Veon Bell.

Round 4

The Steelers currently have two fourth-round picks in the 2020 NFL draft. Not only do they still have their original draft choice, they also received an additional fourth-round pick from the Miami Dolphins as part of the Minkah Fitzpatrick trade. What has not been reported is if the pick which was traded to Pittsburgh was the Dolphins original selection or the draft pick they received from the Tennessee Titans in the Ryan Tannehill trade.

Round 5

Less than three weeks ago the Steelers held two fifth-round draft picks by picking up a selection from the Jacksonville Jaguars in exchange for Joshua Dobbs. Since that time, the Steelers have traded away both picks. In order to gain the fourth-round selection from the Dolphins, the Steelers traded away one of their fifth-round picks in the 2020 draft. Additionally, the Steelers traded their other fifth-round selection to Seattle for TE Nick Vannett. It is unclear which pick went to which team in the trades, but either way the Steelers have no selections in the fifth round.

Round 6 & 7

The Steelers currently possess both of their selections in the sixth and seventh rounds of the 2020 draft.

Future picks

In the 2021 draft, the Steelers have traded their sixth round pick to the Dolphins in exchange for their seventh round pick in order to complete the Minkah Fitzpatrick trade. The Steelers also received a seventh-round pick from the Tampa Bay Buccaneers for tackle Jerald Hawkins.

So there are the selections the Steelers currently have for the 2020 draft. In all, the Steelers have six selections, four less than what they had entering the 2019 draft. Although the Steelers no longer have a first-round pick, if the compensatory formula falls where it is currently projected, they will still have four selections in the first four rounds.