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More than just Steelers’ fans are trying to break ties with Antonio Brown

It’s been difficult for some fans to let go of the fallen superstar, but Brown continues to burn bridges everywhere he goes

Patriots at Dolphins 9/15/2019 David Santiago/Miami Herald/Tribune News Service via Getty Images

Before anything else, I have something to admit: I am so ready to move on from Antonio Brown. I have done all that I could to avoid any discussion or articles pertaining to the former Steelers’ superstar. But after only playing in one game in 2019, Brown continues to be at the center of attention for all the wrong reasons.

Earlier this week after an altercation with the mother of his three children, Brown posted a video of himself shouting expletives at both his ex-girlfriend and police right in front of his children. Brown also threw some “adult” candy at his ex which has turned into the subject of many jokes over the last several days. In response to his inappropriate tirade, the Hollywood Police Department reportedly returned Brown’s donation to the Police Athletic League as they felt he was an inadequate role model for the youth they are trying to support.

But it gets worse.

Now one of the few people left who has publicly supported Brown has severed ties with him for the time being until he agrees to get some much-needed help. Agent Drew Rosenhaus announced he has terminated his relationship with Brown until he gets the proper support.

Interestingly enough, Rosenhaus phrased their separation in a way to show he was not walking away from their professional relationship completely. With Rosenhaus having to take such a firm stand in order to try to get help for Brown, one could easily read between the lines and see that perhaps his agent has been pushing Brown to get some much-needed professional help when it comes to his mental stability. I’m sure it was not the first time the topic arose between the two as common sense would say Rosenhaus probably pleaded with Brown to get some help on several occasions before having to take such a drastic measure.

It seems like cutting ties with Brown has been the overwhelming theme over the last year. From the Patriots letting him go after one game and the Raiders terminating his contract before he could even take the field after they had given up a third and a fifth round pick in the 2019 draft, it appears more people are doing their best to stay away from Brown rather than to bring him into their locker room.

When the Steelers were forced to cut ties with Brown 10 months ago, they originally had a deal in place to send Brown to Buffalo. In hindsight, it might have been a better scenario for all parties (except for maybe the Bills) if Brown had not nixed the deal. With the Bills making the playoffs in 2019 and with a very good head coach in place, perhaps Brown could have remained focused on football rather than completely falling apart with his behavior on and off the field. Or perhaps things may have gotten even worse in Buffalo.

I wish I could say I’m done having to report on Antonio Brown, but as things get stranger and stranger with his personal life it seems he will continue to make news for all the wrong reasons. As a Steelers’ fan, I just wish he would fade into oblivion. As a father of young children who thought Antonio Brown was the best, any time his name comes up I do my best to have them not even hear it spoken. Trying to explain his behavior to kids who once thought he was the greatest is not an easy task.

It’s more than just kids. It still hurts me as a fan. Some of the greatest memories I have of the Steelers involved Brown. I’ll never forget Christmas in 2016 when Brown extended the ball across the goal line with just seconds left in order to defeat the Baltimore Ravens and clinch the AFC North. I’ll never forget the first game I ever saw at Heinz Field with my father against the Detroit Lions in 2013 when Brown scored two touchdowns, one of which occurred right in front of us as he pointed to me in the stands as I was sporting the same bumblebee jersey he was wearing. It’s difficult to let the memories of Brown’s time in Pittsburgh go, but with his continued downward spiral of bizarre antics and poor decisions, it has become almost as sad as it is disappointing.

The list of those who are dropping Antonio Brown continues to grow. The Steelers. The Raiders. The Patriots. Various endorsements such as Nike and football helmet manufacturer Xenith. Now the local police and his agent have also dropped Brown. And if the rumors are true, perhaps we will soon get to see Logan Paul drop him in a boxing ring.

Antonio Brown’s story still has more to be written. While it seems like things couldn’t get any crazier for the former All-Pro receiver, the same could have been said a few months ago. But the way Brown’s self-destructive behavior is progressing, his story is not looking to have any kind of happy ending.