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The Pittsburgh Steelers impressive streak no one is talking about

Between consecutive games with a turnover and not surpassing the 30-point threshold, one of the Steelers impressive strikes has gone unnoticed

Pittsburgh Steelers v Baltimore Ravens Photo by Scott Taetsch/Getty Images

The Steelers are in the midst of several active streaks which lead the NFL. One talking point at the end of the season was how the 2019 Pittsburgh Steelers went all 16 games of the regular season where they committed at least one turnover. They were the only team in the NFL to do so. Having a turnover the last seven games of 2018, the Steelers current 23-game streak with at least one turnover leads the NFL.

The last game the Steelers did not commit a turnover was in Week 10 of 2018 when they defeated the Carolina Panthers 52-21. Also, this was the last game in which the Steelers surpassed 30 points scored. So when it comes to scoring over 30 points, the Steelers have the same 23-game streak. If looking at merely reaching 30 points, the Steelers have gone 20 games as they scored 30 points in their Week 13 loss to the Los Angeles Chargers in 2018.

Rather than focus on the negative, one streak which has been discussed with the Steelers have done is their three straight seasons of surpassing 50 sacks. The last time this was achieved was in the year 2000 by the St. Louis Rams. But there is one other streak which has not been mentioned by many around the NFL:

The Pittsburgh Steelers have the longest active streak of regular-season games in which they have registered a sack.

How many games has it been for the Steelers? 57 games. The Steelers have gone 57 regular-season games of recording at least one sack. This means the Steelers have recorded a sack in every game over the last three seasons. The next closest current streak is the Carolina Panthers with 30.

The last regular-season game the Steelers did not record a sack was in Week 7 of 2016 when they fell to the Patriots at home 27-16. If you recall, this was a game started by Landry Jones at quarterback.

Where this streak falls historically has the Steelers ninth longest of all time. Although sacks did not become an individual statistic until 1982, they were recorded as a team stat since at least 1949. The longest streak of consecutive regular-season games with at least one sack belongs to the Detroit Lions of 76 games from 1960 to 1965. Should the Steelers get a sack every game of the 2020 season, they would move into second place only three games behind the Lions. If the Steelers merely go four games into the 2020 season with recording a sack, they would be tied for fourth place with the Dallas Cowboys from 1968 to 1972.

It should be noted the Steelers streak is of regular-season games. The last game the Steelers did not register a sack was their divisional loss at Heinz Field to the Jacksonville Jaguars in 2017. If including the postseason, the Steelers still would lead the NFL with 32 consecutive games.

Either way, the manner in which the Steelers have gotten to the quarterback over the last three seasons has been key to their defensive goals. Adding a much improved secondary for 2019 has taken the Steelers defense to the next level. And with the Steelers able to keep the majority of their players for next season, the sky is the limit moving forward.