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They say they wouldn’t, but fans would love it if the Steelers signed Tom Brady

Patriots quarterback Tom Brady is now a free-agent. BTSC writers Bryan Anthony Davis and Tony Defeo offer differing opinions on whether or not fans would embrace the idea of him becoming a Pittsburgh Steeler.

Pittsburgh Steelers v New England Patriots Photo by Adam Glanzman/Getty Images

With Tom Brady as a free agent, the football world is speculating where exactly he is going to end up. It could be on the couch, in the broadcast booth, back in New England, another NFL city or at a Pizza Hut. Some speculate TB to join the Steelers. A certain number of Steeler fans, giving Brady’s history over their team, think that the prospect of that would be a travesty.

The Steeler Hangover’s Tony Defeo and Bryan Anthony Davis have differing viewpoints on the following subject. Join them as they slug it out in text below.

They say they wouldn’t, but fans would love it if the Steelers signed Tom Brady.

Tony Defeo’s Point

I know what you’re going to say, “Click-bait!” Yeah, okay, just save it, because this is January, the Steelers aren’t in the playoffs, and I need something to write about. Besides all that, just how much like a cat are you really? Do you just helplessly click on every article like it’s a flashlight shining on random spots of a room? “There it is on the floor, now it’s on the desk, now it’s on the ceiling, now it’s on the curtains!”

Anyway, speaking of not being in the playoffs, that’s the plight of the most recent Super Bowl Champions—the mighty New England Patriots—following their 20-13 home-loss to the Titans last Saturday evening in the wildcard round.

Speaking of mighty, Tom Brady, the already crowned all-time greatest quarterback ever, is now officially a free-agent. It seems far-fetched that, even at the age of 42, he’d end his career with another team. In-fact, Patriots owner Bob Kraft recently said that, and I’m paraphrasing, his first choice would be for Brady to come back and play for the Patriots. His second choice would be for him to retire a Patriot. His third choice...well, there really isn’t one after those two, because it wouldn’t be Kraft’s choice at all to see Brady play anywhere else. Having said that, however, Brady is getting up there. Not only is he 42 at the moment, he’ll be 43 the next time he throws a pass that means anything. Besides, his coach is the heartless, soulless Bill Belichick, the same man who reportedly wanted to keep Jimmy Garoppolo over Brady a few years ago, before Kraft pulled rank on his head coach.

Back to Brady and the possibility of him playing elsewhere next year. It seems ridiculous, right? Not if you examine NFL history and note that Johnny Unitas, Joe Namath, Joe Montana, Brett Favre and Peyton Manning all ended their careers with other teams. In terms of prestige, those quarterbacks were the “Tom Brady” of their day, and if they could add weird uniforms to their football legacies, so could Touchdown Tommy.

With that in mind, how about Brady to the Steelers? Me even mentioning it is the very definition of click-bait, right? Maybe, but what if March rolls around, and it’s been determined that Ben Roethlisberger, he of the surgically repaired right elbow—the one that reportedly needed three tendons reattached—just can’t go anymore? What if there’s a press-conference, some tears and a bunch of “We love you, Ben!”s as he exits Stage Left, never to be seen in a Steelers uniform again?

How would the Steelers then go about finding a replacement? Would they just hand the keys to Mason Rudolph? Would they kick the tires on some less accomplished veterans such as Andy Dalton and/or Joe Flacco? Or would they really trust that any quarterback that falls into the midway portion of the second round (remember, the Steelers do not have a pick in the first) could develop into the heir apparent?

I don’t know about you, but I’d take Brady and his 43-year old arm over any of those other options—at least for the 2020 season. The Steelers defense, the one that came of age midway through the 2019 campaign and dominated in ways that we hadn’t seen in years, should still be really, really good next season. If Pittsburgh can figure some things out in terms of skill-position players and the line, the offense should be potent enough next year to make the team a true contender.

But that’s only provided the quarterback situation has been surgically prepared and back to 100 percent. If it’s not, I think we’re looking at another 8-8-type season, complete with no postseason.

And that’s why I think Brady would be the best option. You know how we’re always talking about Roethlisberger and that window to win another title? It was slammed shut in 2019, and if he doesn’t come back in 2020, it will remain closed for a very, very long time. If you get Brady, he would be the wedge that keeps that sucker open for another year (or two).

Who wouldn’t want that? You might say you wouldn’t want that, that you couldn’t stomach the thought of the guy who brought your favorite team so much pain over the years now quarterbacking said team, but I think it would be great.

And I think you would, too.

Oh, sure, I’ve read the comments sections of some of the stories involving Brady and the Steelers—I haven’t seen that many “Hell NO!” responses to an article about a possible Steelers quarterback acquisition since the last one involving Colin Kaepernick—but that’s just a bunch of big talk on your part, and you know it.

Do you remember the days of Cliff Stoudt and Mark Malone? If you do, you should know that Rudolph and Devlin Hodges only wish they were THAT productive last year.

Are you worried about Brady’s arm? If you are, go back and look at the Hail Mary pass he threw at the end of the first half of the wildcard game. The thing traveled about 70 yards in the air. His arm is still good enough for another year, provided he winds up in the right situation.

Tom Brady is no dummy. If he does have to leave New England, I don’t see him winding up just anywhere. I see him going to a team that has a good chance to win it all.

The Pittsburgh Steelers could be that team.

You might say “HELL NO!” to the idea of Tom Brady becoming a Steeler, but only if your brain is about as big as the one in the cat chasing a flashlight all over the room.

Bryan Anthony Davis’ Point

Tony, my friend. You worry me. I knew you for five seasons before I met you in person and it might be another five before I’m seen in public with you on fear of vehemently being pummeled like Myles Garrett at the hands of Iron Maurkice Pouncey. Do you wallpaper your home base with angry comments and threatening emails?

I think your comments are ludicrous or Luducris...but I’d never see you act or rap. Speaking of which, have you heard the rap track from Antonio Brown? I think what I read above was actually more sensible. But I digress.

First and foremost, I don’t see the legend actually going anywhere. I also can’t envision the Steelers bringing Brady in. Why? Because it would undermine Ben Roethlisberger who reportedly wishes to return. While his surgery was on his elbow, we don’t know the exact injury. The federal government is less secretive than the Steelers on this matter. While other organizations would have no problem doing it, the water is way to murky here.

Enough about that. Let’s address your original claim. Well I would not be opposed to seeing Tom Brady in a Pittsburgh uniform, I know a lot of people that would. Despite being 9-3 against the Steelers with 24 more touchdown passes than interceptions, there are a lot of fans that would oppose bringing in the bully that has tormented them for nearly 20 years.

It would be akin for some to Harry Potter barbecuing with Voldemort, Jerry Seinfeld double-dating with Newman or Arnold Jackson playing D&D with the Gooch. Tony, it would be like you having a picnic with the asphalt that attacked you last Autumn or me partying with Pittsburgh Dad.

TonDef, I agree that some readers don’t understand our responsibilities as bloggers and I laughed at the clickbait/cat comparison. But people feel strongly about welcoming in a persecutor and I don’t think we should dismiss their feelings so easily. For some, it would be down right hypocritical to want Brady in Steeler colors. Pittsburgh fans have a certain value system and it’s hard to erase two decades of hatred should Brady make the rare “if you can beat them, join them” move.

While some principles could be compromised and they will, others won’t when it comes to Brady. Could he help a Roethlisberger-less team? Of course. Could Brady possibly bring another ring to the Steelers? Yes. Would it feel dirty as a hobo in August? Most definitely.

Not everybody has the attention span of a cat, Tony. Unfortunately for you, they won’t let you forget this column.

So...what are your thoughts? Which one of us gets to bask in the glory of being right this week? State your case in the comments section and be sure to vote in the poll. Tony is now 3-10 on the season, while BAD is in firm control of a meaningless honor. Can Tony get another streak going or will BAD continue his Bradyesque dominance? Vote and state your case in the comments.


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