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Steelers vs. Titans, Week 7: Knee Jerk Reactions to the Steelers’ 27-24 win over the Titans

Some knee jerk reactions to the Steelers’ 27-24 win over the Tennessee Titans in Week 7.

Syndication: The Tennessean Andrew Nelles / via Imagn Content Services, LLC

Welcome to Week 4 of the NFL, ummmm. Wait. My bad. Welcome to Week 7, should have been Week 4, of the NFL season. The still undefeated Steelers will take on the still undefeated Titans. If things had played out as they were supposed to, one of these teams would already have a loss on their record, but things played out differently and the NFL is most likely happy that it did. Due to the Titans Week 3 COVID outbreak, the NFL now gets to have two 5-0 teams square off in Week 7 of the season. The Steelers need to keep things rolling the way they were against the Browns last week. My hope is that the curse I put on the field in Nashville back in 2005 when I got to spend some time out on the Titans’ field and in their practice facility is still in place. I cursed the field, but didn’t specify for how does that count as forever? Anyway, enough about me, Nashville and curses. Let’s get to the football.

A simple reminder, a knee jerk reaction is an immediate and unthinking, emotional reaction. It’s basically shooting first and apologizing later (forget that, I apologize for none of my emotion I may not actually be from Pittsburgh, but grew up close enough to be a Yinzer). I can safely say that’s a true definition of your’s truly and a good lot of Steelers’ Nation. Here’s my real-time (and possibly a little bit of my son Kyle’s) reactions during the Steelers’ effort to continue the unbeaten streak.

Quarter 1

  • Steelers win the toss and take the ball. Let's get the offense going.
  • I’m just happy it’s not Dan Fouts with Ian Eagle. Only decent game he ever called was the Bourbon Bowl
  • Nice catch JuJu.
  • RAY-RAY!
  • Timeouts in the first and third quarters are frustrating. But if Ben didn’t like what he saw when they have a great drive going, it could be well used.
  • Thank you Dionte Johnson. Kept the drive alive.
  • What the heck Conner? I know Halloween is in a week, but you don't have to scare me that bad.
  • At least he backed it up with a first down run.
  • No the flag!
  • I don't know how you did it Eric Ebron, but you still got yardage on what could have been a sack.
  • Diontae Johnson ends the 23 game streak. Steelers are on the board with a touchdown.
  • Titans finally get the ball with less than six minutes left in the first quarter
  • Over a nine minute drive for the Steelers offense, and a three and out by the defense.
  • Sometimes an incompletion can be a good thing.
  • Nice catch Ebron! Keeping the drive going.
  • End of the First Quarter. Steelers 7, Titans 0. (Offensive plays: Steelers 23, Titans 3)

Quarter 2

  • Claypool just saved himself by picking up his fumble and getting closer to the line of scrimmage.
  • Thank you JuJu. How did he catch that?
  • Gotta catch that Conner.
  • Mondeaux at fullback!
  • B-B-B-B-B-BENNY!
  • The Titans aren’t going to give up on giving the ball to Derek Henry regardless of the score.
  • Nice tackle Watt.
  • You have to catch that Minkah. Defense on the wrong side of the tip drill.
  • Come on Mondeaux. The offense could have been back on the field with the stop there and only let up a field goal. Hand flinch by the center is the oldest trick in the book.
  • “He got the poop knocked out of him!” Had get a Fouts quote in there somewhere.
  • There was about 5 plays that didn’t go the Steelers’ way that drive. Hence the touchdown.
  • 5 1/2 minutes left in the first half. Offense needs to put some points on the board.
  • Huge run by Conner doing his Moses impersonation as Pouncey parts the Red Sea.
  • That was so lucky Tennessee didn't pick that off.
  • Almost had a touchdown off that free play.
  • Could that Boswell field goal be any more straight down the middle?
  • Pinned deep on the kickoff. Come on defense!
  • Mr. Henry, meet T.J Watt!
  • Titans go three-and-out. Let's try to put more points on the board before the half is over.
  • RAY-RAY!! What. A. Cut.
  • Touchdown Johnson! Diontae telling Claypool it's his turn in the touchdown zone.
  • Another good stop by the defense.
  • Why not take the timeout and make them punt again? Last minute of the half, can’t hold anything back!
  • Come on Ebron.
  • That now makes it a career long for Boswell if they don’t gain another yard.
  • And it doesn’t matter. The INT doesn’t kill the Steelers there, but I would have liked to have seen Boswell go for 55.
  • Halftime. Steelers 24, Titans 7. Good defense so far, but no sacks.

Quarter 3

  • With the sack by Watt, the sack streak continues! It only took one play into the second half.
  • Great three-and-out. More points on the board please.
  • Conner was in the tunnel when he got tackled there.
  • Pass interference will put the Steelers in the red zone. The defender can’t do that when he doesn’t turn around.
  • Boswell has been dead center on both his field goals today.
  • T.J. Watt again coming around the other side to keep Henry to 2 yards.
  • Doesn't matter when they give up a 73-yard touchdown pass. I just had a Tim Tebow flashback.
  • Did Tennessee just play a Johnny Cash song or something? Because their defense looked energized.
  • Welcome back Jordan Berry.
  • How does the defense respond after the Steelers have their first three and out of the day? They answer with their own.
  • JuJu with the first down to keep the offense on the field. Both teams hitting hard now.
  • Unlucky tip there. Roethlisberger has had a lot of passes tipped this season. That’s the first one that’s been picked.
  • At least the defense held them to -3 yards and only a field goal.
  • Two plays in a row someone falls over to make the next play at the line of scrimmage.
  • End of the 3rd quarter. Steel workers 27. Former oil workers 17.

Quarter 4

  • As long as Tennessee was within two scores, you knew they were going to feed Henry in the fourth quarter.
  • Henry stuffed at the line of scrimmage.
  • Come on Minkah. Now you have to guard your man for another four downs.
  • What about the obvious offensive pass interference on the pick? Instead they call the hold. NFL wants this game to be close.
  • I guess we can't have two games in a row where I don't have a heart attack.
  • Can the offense get a long enough drive to give the defense a break please?
  • JuJu got the spin cycle, but still got the first down
  • Someone had a Tennessee Titans Boba Fett mask. He's coming for you Dave.
  • And the coverage from Tennessee has gone dark. NO!!!
  • Diontae Johnson with the HUGE first down. He is slow to get up though. Please not another ACL.
  • Titans use another timeout. That's one less they have later
  • Why did Ben try to force it to JuJu there? Ben has thrown too many picks this game.
  • Now they're going to play zone defense all the way down the field.
  • How do they leave someone that that wide open!?!? And on third down nonetheless.
  • Please don't play zone here. Didn't even matter.
  • Intentional grounding is a big play. Lose the yards. Lose the downs. Lose 10 seconds.
  • They took the shot to the end zone. Field goal team on.
  • Gostkowski missed it. I can't believe it! I don't care what anyone says, that was my curse it's still there.
  • 3...2...1...WIN! Two streaks continue and one ends!

Once again, I just fired off what was going through my head at the time. All reactions were in real time. Basically, it is the equivalent of watching the game with me (and Kyle), you just don’t have to go to another room because I am screaming at the television (sometimes Kyle does). Now time to process it, some quick analyzing for the Scho Bro Show, and then put it behind me as we move toward Week 8 and that purple team (really, purple? The Vikings weren’t enough purple for the NFL). Make sure you get your voice heard in the comments below.