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The series of plays during Steelers vs. Titans CBS didn’t want you to see!

A non-exclusive look at the fabled lost plays from the Steelers Titans game.

Pittsburgh Steelers v Tennessee Titans Photo by Frederick Breedon/Getty Images

In the critical moments of the 4th quarter, football fans watching the Steelers face the Titans on CBS were treated to a disturbing sight, as the feed failed and was replaced by the studio crew talking about a game that was currently being played.

They said it was technical difficulties, and most people believed it, I mean after all, what do they have to hide?

I didn’t think much of it either, until Monday afternoon, when I got an e-mail from that prince I helped restore to power about 24 years ago telling me that for 16 Australian dollars he would send me one weird trick to cure Algebra homework forever. Since I knew that he knew from our previous correspondence that I had graduated high school in the 1990s I figured something was up.

I sent the money, and only 7 minutes later a carrier pigeon delivered a floppy disk with the following 4 video clips and a free 3 month trial of America Online.

I don’t know if I’ll still be sitting here when you see this article, but whatever happens, the truth must get out.

Here they are, the plays they hid from us.

The football you were never meant to see.

4th quarter, 6:28. James Conner is the running back.

A slow screen to James Conner for 7 yards.

4th quarter, 5:42. Diontae Johnson is the on the line, in the middle of the bunch to the top of the screen.

A nice job by Diontae Johnson of sitting in the gap in the zone, then moving outside for 4 yards and a first down.

4th quarter, 4:57. Ray-Ray McCloud is the receiver to the bottom of the screen that goes in motion before the snap.

A jet sweep pass to McCloud gets outside the initial wave of defenders, but only gains 3 yards.

4th quarter, 4:11. James Washington is the receiver to the bottom of the screen.

With the attention given to Chase Claypool and JuJu Smith-Schuster, James Washington is open for a short pass, but the throw is off target and incomplete.

That’s all, I know they aren’t the most exciting plays, but the important thing is that you saw them. Remember them, commit them to memory, who knows how long it will be before Roger Goodell’s goons show up to burn the evidence. Never forget the four plays they tried to hide from us and the 14 yards that were gained.

Now I’ll say goodbye and go wrap my modem in tinfoil so the NSA can’t delete this article before I submit it.