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Pittsburgh at Baltimore, Week 8: Predicting the winner of Steelers at Ravens

The staff at BTSC share their thoughts and predict the outcome of the Steelers road show against the 5-1 Baltimore Ravems

Pittsburgh Steelers v Baltimore Ravens Photo by Scott Taetsch/Getty Images

The 6-0 Steelers will face their toughest test of the season for the third week in a row when they travel to M&T Bank Stadium in Baltimore to take on the their bitter rivals, the 5-1 Ravens. The contributors at BTSC have recorded their thoughts and predictions. Let’s see who’s closest to the mark and furthest from reality. Last time, Mark Davison came closest to the mark by forecasting a 29-27 Steelers win. Big Bro Scho got the Steelers point total correct at 27, while Jeff Hartman, K.T. Smith and Shannon White all hit the Titans score of 24 on the nose. Who will it be with bragging rights this week?

Michael Beck

This game could effectively give the Steelers a large enough cushion that the result of its Week 12 rematch wouldn't really matter. The pressure is entirely on the Baltimore Ravens to keep pace in the AFC North. I know the Ravens are great coming off of a Bye Week. However, missing a good chunk of their depth corners screams to me either Chase Claypool, or James Washington is going to have a massive day.

The Ravens also lack offensive fire power, with Mark Ingram likely out of the line up, I just can't see Lamar Jackson and Mark Andrews keeping pace themselves.

The Steelers were built to defeat this team and it’s exactly what they are going to do.

Steelers 31, Ravens 17

Geoffrey Benedict

The Ravens are 10-2 after the bye and 7-1 at home after the bye under John Harbaugh. Harbaugh is a really good coach, and he is amazing with a second week of prep work.

This is the game the Steelers should lose. It’s the #1 most likely loss left on their schedule. I think they win it anyway, and then lose a game to someone like Cincinnati at home 2 weeks later.

But I won’t be surprised if Harbaugh pulls out something to perfectly counter the Steelers defense and turn the tide of the game. It is what he does.

My score prediction is Rod Woodson over Ed Reed.

Steelers 26, Ravens 20

Bryan Anthony Davis

The Ravens will face a 2 12 game deficit if they lose this game. I just think that they are desperate, but not ready to die. As I mentioned on the Steelers Preview, I’ve got a bad gut...just ask Mrs. BAD. If it’s any consolation, I am wrong often. I have been back and forth on this game and my gut keeps gurgling unpleasantries. It seems to be telling me that the Ravens are taking this game at home on a last-second Justin Tucker kick. Or it could be the kielbasa chimichanga.

Ravens 26, Steelers 24

Mark Davison

Ravens fans all over the globe and many here in Australia pronounce this matchup as F the Steelers week. Searching through social media I found Raven fans with high egos and even lower intelligence. The Steelers VS Ravens rivalry is smash mouth football. This contest has always been your best guy against our best guy. I have respect for the Ravens organisation as they have a strong locker room and culture. However I am beyond tired of hearing how the Ravens are the best in the world and the best team in AFC North. This is simply not true as the Steelers right now hold the best record in both categories. The Steelers are 6-0 for a reason as the Steelers are playing team football. The pressure is on the Baltimore Ravens to care of business and win. For all the Raven fans thinking you’ll win by 30 points. Better hold on to your lovely purple knitted scarfs because the Steelers are here to ruffle some feathers

Steelers 30, Ravens 19

Anthony Defeo

This will be close, like so many clashes between these two titans of the AFC North have been over the years. Unfortunately for the Steelers, they’ll fall to the Ravens for a third-straight time.

Ravens 23, Steelers 20

Jeff Hartman

The Steelers in Baltimore is a game most fans probably put down as a loss, and that was before the Week 4 game vs. the Titans got bumped to the week prior to this huge AFC North show down. The Ravens and Steelers have both benefited from soft opening season schedules, and, for the most part, both have taken full advantage. This game will be close, and lower scoring than some are predicting, but I just feel this Steelers team has a knack for winning the big game. Ben Roethlisberger is the difference in this game, and the Steelers stay perfect.

Steelers 23, Ravens 17

Matty Peverell

It’s AFC North Football, round one of the AFC North Title Fight, the biggest game of the season so far for the Steelers (maybe the season if they get a few more wins to go +10-0) and an opportunity to get closer to 1st week playoff bye. There’s several stats and facts about how great the Ravens are coming out of a bye week, and the Steelers really should be coming out of one too, but I like the stat that since 2003 the Steelers have won 64.7% of their matches after a win the previous week, while the Ravens have won only 57.5% of their conference games. Steelers defense steps up, the offense makes plays, the Ravens hold-on but fall short.

Steelers 29, Ravens 24

Big Bro Scho

I hope you like slobber-knockers, because that’s what you usually get when it’s Steelers vs Ravens, and I see this week’s matchup as being no different. I am really feeling this game is a toss up, especially given that the Ravens are coming off their bye, giving Coach Harbaugh 2 weeks to prepare. Dave always makes me give my score prediction on Tuesday nights during the Scho Bro Show podcast, and I usually stick with it, but I will deviate a little this week. Close game, Steelers keep the Ravens’ running game decently in check and Steelers win on a late Boswell field goal and a late defensive stop. Steelers stay perfect on the season and give me yet another heart attack.

Steelers 24, Cleveland Browns in Disguise 21

Dave Schofield

I’ve gone on and on during our various podcasts about how difficult this game was for me to choose. My heart says Steelers. My head says Ravens. This is the most difficult matchup remaining in 2020 for the Steelers if looking at how everything stands at this moment. But there’s something special about this team, so my gut breaks the tie and the Steelers come through in the end.

Steelers 31, Ravens 27

K.T. Smith

I’ve picked the Steelers to win each week so far and, despite the logical argument that this should be their first loss, I’m going to pick them until they prove I should be more discerning. The Steelers love big games and this is a big one. A stellar defensive effort and some crafty play from Mr. Roethlisberger gets it done.

Steelers 24, Ravens 20

Shannon White

The greatest rivalry in the NFL currently should have been amplified even further by Ravens HC John Harbaugh's behavior during last year's season finale for the Steelers. Maybe some fans have forgotten, but you can bet the Steelers haven't. These games are usually decided by three points or less. With all the pressure on the Ravens to hold home field, this one will not.

Steelers 27, Ravens 21

What is your prediction? Which BTSC contributor is most on the money? Let us know in the poll and the comment section below!!


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