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Steelers vs. Jaguars, Week 11: 1st quarter in-game update

The Pittsburgh Steelers are back, and we keep you up to date with those who aren’t able to watch the game live.

Pittsburgh Steelers v Jacksonville Jaguars Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images

The Pittsburgh Steelers entered Week 11 as the only undefeated team remaining in the NFL, and their opponent, the Jacksonville Jaguars, could not be further away on the spectrum. Jacksonville beat the Indianapolis Colts in Week 1, and haven’t won a game since. Nonetheless, records mean very little historically when these two teams meet.

The Steelers were winners of the coin toss and chose to defer their possession to the second half, giving Jake Luton and company the ball to start the game. Luton came out throwing, and a huge completion for 18 yards on the first play of the game opened things up for the Jaguars’ offense. James Robinson picked up big chunks of yardage, but the drive stalled and Jacksonville settled for a Jake McLaughlin 41-yard field goal to make the score 3-0 with 10:57 left in the first quarter.

Jacksonville, with nothing to lose, went for an onside kick on the ensuing play, but the ball was fielded cleanly by Marcus Allen. The Steelers’ first offensive possession started in Jacksonville territory, and despite moving the ball into field goal range, Chris Boswell pulled the field goal left.

Luton and company were not able to add to their lead, and were forced to punt for the first time of the game. After pinning the Steelers at their own 5-yard line, James Conner broke off a 25-yard run to give the offense some breathing room. However, the drive would stall and Pittsburgh would have to settle for flipping the field.

A three and out gave the ball right back to the Steelers to end the quarter.